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News, 106 9 and a.m. 7 40 case CBS. There's Casey be asked. I'm Lucie John why some local restaurants no longer expect you to leave a tip. Well, how did the Bay Area fair during 2020 twos fire season actually machia better than you might think? Good morning, I'm Jennifer honchos, CBS News is coming up next. News time 8 31. CBS News special report, the world is remembering Pope emeritus Benedict the 16th who died today at the age of 95. That's been addicted as last public mass before resigning, Vatican spokesman, Matteo Bruni. On Wednesday of 28th in the afternoon, he had received the anointing of the sick in the monastery at the end of the holy mass. The BBC's Paul Adams with moron Benedict the man. A prolific author and musician with a particular love of Mozart, Joseph ratzinger led the Catholic Church for 8 years. But his decision to become the first Pope in nearly 600 years to resign proved more memorable than a lifetime of scholarship. Pope Francis will preside over Benedict's funeral at the Vatican on Thursday, January 5th, the two lived side by side at the Vatican for years after Benedict stepped down from his post. CBS News special report. I'm Allison keyes. News time 8 32 was our news watch continues. Well, now that 2022 is just about over, we're going to take a moment to reflect on the years fire season, as case CBS Keith manconi reports, we actually had some lucky breaks. Telling up the acres burned, 2022 ends up ranking second lowest of any gear in the past decade. And that result was not what many were expecting heading into fire season, given a long stretch with barely any rain. But then, our luck changed. Even though January February and March were record dry, April was pretty wet. And so that delayed things drying out. Paul Rogers, environment writer for the mercury news, timely rains arrived later in the year, once again, just in the Nick of time. But roger says this year also showed us plenty of signs that the climate is changing. I mean, this year, during Labor Day week, California experienced a severe hit heat wave, which showed us the all time hottest temperatures that have ever been recorded in Northern California. So some lucky breaks to be sure, but by no means a sign that California is out of the Woods when it comes to wildfire dangers. We need to continue to adapt and prepare as the climate keeps getting hotter. Keith manconi, and for more reflections on Bay Area news from this year, you can tune into this weekend's CBS in depth program broadcasting tomorrow morning at 8 30 and tomorrow evening at 8 30 as well. Well, tipping your server when dining out something most of us are accustomed to, but actually things are changing somewhat at local restaurants. Liz St. John reports. In Europe and some other places around the world, a service charge is usually built into the bill so no tips are expected. Some Bay Area restaurants are switching to this practice. The problem here is you have a business model that's usually based upon a lot of employees not paid well and efficient model from how the manage it and to run it. So if you train them better and have less people and pay them more, you can actually have a more efficient system and that including the service charge in on the bill is one way to do that. Douglas Keane is a Michelin starred chef and owner of Cyrus in geyser ville. I think the more custom people get to it. And I think it will start with a higher end prefix type of menus that it will become more commonplace, especially if you can build a more sustainable business model for both for the employees and for the business itself. He says using the service charge instead of tips is one way of fixing the disparity in pay where a cook might make 30,000 a year while a server makes a 100,000. This St. John key CBS. Well, if you're looking for a new year's resolution, you might consider volunteering Red Cross volunteer grant graves says he takes a lot of pride in what he does. I really enjoy volunteering because I meet new people, especially the blood drives you meet a lot of new people coming through every 20, 30 minutes. And it's a great way to have some conversations and be a little more social, given we're coming out of the pandemic. I find that to be a huge benefit. But the Red Cross does a lot more than just blood drives, they're also looking for volunteers to help out during disasters like a house fire. It's very satisfying to show up where people are scared. They're hurt. It's literally the worst day of

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