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It out quickly. Not sure yet how it started. Ah, wildfire burning in Okanogan County, now doubling in size the Palmer fire burning more than 11,000 acres, and it's not contained. Yet the National Guard is helping to fight the fire as it moves toward the Canadian border. A local political analyst says former vice President Joe Biden delivered the best speech of his political career as he accepted the Democratic Party's nomination for president. More from comas, Corwin take this is our moment. This is our mission, Biden delivered a call to action to his base and drew a sharp emotional contrast between the current administration and the one he hopes to build for love is more powerful and hate. Hope is more powerful than fear and right is more powerful, dark local political analyst Ron Dots our founder of strategies. 60 says Biden accomplished what he set out to do. Probably the best speech he's ever given him his political career to be clear dots our says that was not a high bar to hurdle because he doesn't have a history of giving the kind of stem wider speech is that Motivate the troops. But tonight he reached deep. Biden's acceptance speech close the first ever virtual national convention next week, the National Republican Party rolls out its own version as it renominates president. Trump Corwin. Hey, HQ. Momo knew next week, the Republicans take the spotlight. President Trump accepting the nomination. You could hear the Republican National Convention Monday through Thursday. Seven o'clock each evening here on co. Moh homeless and formerly homeless people who have been critics of the system. We'll have more of a voice on policy in King County. As we hear from comas baloney in terms of power. The move is a relatively small one and giving more of a say to people who have been critical of elected and nonprofit leaders. Vote came at the monthly meeting of the governing board of the Regional Homelessness Authority, which was created to consolidate all policy and budget decisions. The Movil impact three members of the 12 seat board. The Seattle Times reports. King County has for years been giving seats on decision making boards to people who've been homeless but have left it up to nonprofits or agencies to choose those participants. Hello, Neil Conor's a new freak over 19 testing site. His company West Seattle marriage Any Durkan announced the site will open next week at the athletic complex, achieves self high school to date we've done over 125,000.

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