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On a second. Wow. 83 followers. Look, May I follow? I follow a lot of people people I work with, like Sal. Come. Party carpaccio was on the show today. I start following him earlier in the week when I was trying to get him on. So so, yes, I follow a lot of people. But, Erica, I guess Gotta work with her or you gotta beg. Or I'm not sure, but I made the following list. So we appreciate that 855 to 1 to four. CBS. We will get to Connor Greens thoughts after watching last night's game and approaching. The NFL draft because Connor is a Jets fan, and all the talk in New York with the Jets is what what is it? It's about the quarterback. They have sand Arnold entering his fourth year next year, third overall pick they I don't know if he can play, all right. I don't want to do too much. That's right. Next. We take a couple phone calls and we get to Connor. I don't know if he can play. That's my only thing. That's my only problem. But you can't act like that. They set him up to succeed with the talent. They've given him one offense and the coach that he's had. Adam Gaze. So what do you do now with you if you're the Jets, and it's a quarterback, so we'll get to that in a second, But I want to make a couple calls here on on college football. Let's go back to the phones with Jason in Jacksonville, Florida, Jason, you're on CBS Sports Radio. Happy New Year. How are you? Hey, John. Happy New Year, man doing great. Thanks. Taking my call. Uh, I had some observations on the game, and then I had something I wanted to go out there until you thought number one. I You know, I actually am from Spartanburg, South Carolina. So I've got some Clemson in my background. But that was a total team victory for Ohio State. They won every phase of that game, including the mental, not just the physical aspect, the offense, defense and special teams mentally. Dominated Clinton. I think Clemson might be looking at some rough road ahead because if they lose Travis Etienne and The lovely quarterback Trevor Laurence to the NFL next year, which I believe it's probably going to happen. I didn't see anybody on their roster who replaces those guys? He did not seem to have the special hot. Uh, offensive receiver either this year where a lot of states certainly put it on him in that regard. My other thing is, I hope the Jacksonville Jaguars, who probably obviously have the first round pick in the NFL draft, the number one overall are looking at that game and said, You know, Trevor can't do it by himself. If he spends the game on his rear end. He's not going to be throwing too many touchdown passes and the Jazz have to build an offensive team around that guy, the NFL Games and the college game. The big game, which we observed very clearly are won in the trenches. And that was an area where Ohio State dominated and then my other comments about parity in college football because, really, unlike most of the pro leagues and pro sports, there is no parity, and there's no parity built into the system. And I would really love this city and see a reduced the total number of scholarships for these football team by maybe 10. I believe they have 85. I can't help but think that 75 is enough to put together an excellent football team. I believe it would cause the talent to be four. Broadly, this first amongst the teams. I think we have more competition. I think it would be very interesting. They can probably never limit what university chooses to spend on a team on. I know that Alabama spends more on it's college football team than any other program in the country, and they're getting the reward. Once again thanks for taking my call, and I will take your comments off here. Have a great new year. Thank you, Jason. Appreciate it. I would. I would love to tell you that I knew a lot about Recruiting and everything else. I just as far as Clemson and what's behind some of their players. I don't follow it closely enough. I I work and live in a pro town so most of my energy is spent. Concentrating on the pro leagues. I watch college football as a fan without a real team in the Philadelphia area that I root for what the Temple Temple's been under Matt Roll Temple was very good. They've kind of dropped back to where we way normally have him, which is the mediocre or maybe a little bit of above average team. I don't really have a don't really follow college football like I I do some of the other sports and we're doing a doing a national radio show if I if I'm doing this on a more regular basis, and this is my second shift there at CBS Sports Radio. I'll bet shall be AH, lot more versed when it comes to college football because there's a huge appetite for it right. Like I'm listening to Ken Carmen Show leading up to me coming on two o'clock Eastern. And he is I mean, he's inundated with with college football calls, so I know there's a huge appetite for it. It's not something at Wi PE in Philadelphia that we ever talk about outside of May be reacting to a game. But even then, if I'm reacting to a game that's on a Monday and in eagle Monday to where we're not doing a lot of talk about college football, So it's it's actually refreshing. It's nice. T o be able to discuss it. So here's Here's what I know from from watching from my eyes from my lens, is that is it? Alabama is a machine. And with Nick Saban as good of a coach's. He is with what has been set up in Alabama with recruiting and everything else..

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