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Wild men have clothes or items of clothing or just a loin skin kind of a thing which suggests to me, maybe they were Uman's may be re they really were literally wild men out there. Well, unusually and occasionally even nowadays you hear about Bigfoot wearing clothing and kind of goes unexplainable because why would they do that? But. You know, maybe it's some association, maybe they're trying to break a barrier if they're seen maybe they think they'll be accepted more if they're seeing maybe people won't be. So scared. You know, we all throw in our conjecture about why that may be happening. But it happens too often for people to be fabricating a heretic Asian, but not very often. If you were to communicate with the tribe these days at a modern tribe. That would still perhaps be in contact other than the hoop is are there any other tribes? It would say people that have a relationship ongoing with whatever these things are. I would say it's almost everyone. I mean, there's there's famous stories out of Arizona and New Mexico on the high plains out there where they have these. And there's many times in association between and this is where. Bickford people start their head starts spinning. But fact, where there's this association between Bigfoot in UFO's, even in the Hoopoe book. I wrote that many of the tribal people said that they saw a UFO in close time and space to the point where they saw big foot and they regularly saw UFO's on many of the tribal grounds. And when you talk to these tribal members the elders they believe they came from the stars. And they're they're not once they have your trust. They will tell you. Hey, you know, there's this association between us and them. There are different kind of tribe and different kinds of people, but they came from the same place we did. And when you start to go back, and you look at the history of these certain areas, there's a lot of tribal people that will tell you we've had visitations for hundreds and hundreds of years going back in time, and almost all of them believe that they came from. The stars. Well, there are an awful lot of associations between these creatures being cited in proximity to UFO's. And it makes everyone uncomfortable the Bigfoot people the die hards don't like it, the UFO diehards like even less. They they're not comfortable with that at all. But you have to follow it where it leads. And you know, I I don't have a conviction on it either. I don't know what these things are you off os are where they're from. But there's enough cases over the centuries and a lot more of them. Now. Thanks to this new book, you can't ignore it. I thought the interest. There was a couple of stories clippings where there are reputable witnesses who say they saw these creatures engaging with cows milking cows. So this is the part that really really is unusual several years ago. One of my best friends their parents on a dairy farm. And I started talking to him about this. And I said, you know, I I keep reading that. They may be milking cows, you know, what do you think about that? And he goes, you know, let me go talk to my parents. So they own a huge dairy farm, and he went out there and talk to them and this all this. I think he's eighty years old. This guy's dad and he looked at him. And he said, you know, every once in a while Mike Cal will come back from nowhere completely milked. He goes, I don't understand it. Then the same man told him he says, you know, every once in a while I'm on the far quarter. My property something tells me don't turn around get back on the horse or get back on my ATV leave and he does. And then the man said, well, you know, every once in a while I found a bucket way out in the corner of the property. I don't know how it got there. Dogs. I think when you get the trust of some of these dairy farmers way out in the middle. They're going to tell you the same thing because I've heard it many times. You know, there are some funny stories, I they're not in this book, but recalled I think you, and I have talked about before about Bigfoot what they eat, and they'll kind of particular this image of a Bigfoot milking a cow sticks in my head. But I mean, they've been known to eat a lot of berries and different kinds of fruit. Do they eat meat as far as you know? According to the tribal people who have seen him, take deer, etc. There an omnivore and many times when the natives are in the middle.

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