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The Dodgers, Khun turn their attention to the list of players who became free agents yesterday morning. They are Justin Turner job. Peterson, Kiki Hernandez. As well as pictures. Blake trying and Alex would Pedro Baez and Jake McGee. Meanwhile, the N B A is working on plans to start the next season in December with a shortened 72 game schedule. Any plans would have to be approved by the players Association. And if you like meth pro football, the one in six Atlanta Falcons play the three and four Carolina Panthers Tonight. I'm Wayne West Ko Phi Sports If you don't take care of your teeth, I'll say you've neglected your teeth for months. Years, particularly sometimes decades. What ends up happening? Well, they start falling out their teeth or decayed gum infection. I mean, it's not pretty, so your life is taking certainly a turn for the worst teeth wise. You don't look so good either been in fact, you look horrible. And you can't eat the foods that you're used to eating. So let me suggest looking at cunning dental with a new permanent teeth in a day procedure done in one day, Actually, over several hours while you sleep. They customise your teeth. They look beautiful. They look 100% natural is a matter of fact, They're probably gonna look better than you've ever looked before. Teeth Wise, still probably be ugly, but at least you got your teeth. Your mouth will look great. Single implant started under $100 a month. Place all of your teeth and they're flexible payment plans. And if you have dental insurance, you want to use it for the end of the year because you use it or lose it. And that could be thousands of dollars. Boy, Is that going to change your life? New permanent brilliant teeth. You'll never have another dental procedure. Call 8886 40 smiles Schedule your examine X rays You can get this started 8886 40 smile 888. 6 40 smile..

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