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He's don prior and with you which the Tada don show you can jump in at 51283605 night. It is so much to get to the word is that Americans are being flown out of Afghanistan as we speak aboard commercial airlines. Some of those planes that were held back. I think there were six at one point and, uh and and the Taliban apparently said the passengers didn't have the right paperwork. Well, let's hope it's not Delta because they will be delayed. That is true, but they are on the way. That is great news and, yeah, you can jump in at 51283605 90 tall free 8775905525 so hang on a sing. Let's squeeze in Susan here says on the screen. Let me see will be proof. Thing that Leander I SD is willfully holding information from us at tonight's school board meeting. Susan, what's going on and go on? Well, good morning. Well, and I know this sounds very cryptic, but we're just trying to withhold it until we actually announced it at the school board meeting exactly what it is. But would be happy to provide the proof of that after after the meeting. You can't tell us anything right now. I can just tell you that it's um You know the big issue Lander this past year, of course, was the books And, of course, Now it's the masks, and there's a lot of a lot of parents upset, but the general undertone of the whole thing is, we just felt like our parental rights have been are being negated. That's the bottom line across. That's the thread that ties all this together with the mask mandates. Well, mask mandates and and a lot of a lot of concerned parents in our group. We have varying parents that have different opinions on that. Um, so I don't want to, like, make it blatant salmon about that in our group as far as the books are concerned. There is no dissent. Um, you're talking about the books that have very sexually explicit content. This is something that a group of parents have been fighting in Leander for gosh, more than a year. Now it seems like yes, sir. And you're saying that there is information that you have discovered in which these books are still being used, and the information is being kept from parents. Well, this has to do more with, um Mm. A lot. A lot of kids have, um, gotten some questionnaires about pronouns and using them that there's more to it than that. And that please tell us. You have an incredible audience right now In Leander, What can you be specific about the pronoun stuff? What's well and will be very specific about that tonight. All right, all right. I appreciate it. Susan. I appreciate you. I wanted to give you a platform there, but I just can't. Occupy a bunch of airwaves with a bunch of teases stuff you might talk about. Stuff might be happening tonight in Leander that we support but call us back, You know, maybe tomorrow The round Rock school district is being sued by a group of parents over the mask mandate. 15 parents are involved in this lawsuit, arguing the school district is breaking the law by requiring mask And they got an attorney named Jared Woodfield is deeds cannot put mask mandates in place. What they're doing is illegal. What they continue to do now for for weeks is illegal and it's time that they be held accountable and that they follow the law of the state of Texas. Yeah, now there are seeking damages and they want what they want the school district to stop requiring this to allow the parents to be able to make the decision as to what is in the best interests of their Children. And clearly this I SD thinks parents aren't capable of making that decision. There you go. That's their attorney, and that's in the Williamson. That's in round rock. Uh, we learned that the haze school district had a group of parents at their recent meeting, demanding a mask mandate. Yeah, you've got groups of people on both sides of this issue. Making demands sure would help if somebody would come up with some really, really, really solid evidence that they do a damn thing. That that would that would help your cause. Other than that, it's very clear. It has nothing to do with health and has everything to do with appearance and just so you can go see I told you, we're we're doing it. We're doing it and because we should be doing it because you're supposed to do it. That's it. Yeah, It's such a shame. It's such a shame This has happened that it's gotten. We've lost our minds. Well, some have lost somehow. Yeah, True. Listen, This is a pretty controversial story that's brewing out of Williamson County and well, it's a story about a billboard that has been raised. Calling for the removal of the Confederate monument that's on the Williamson County courthouse grounds. The billboard has been raised in Georgetown calling for the removal of the Confederate monument that's located right in front of the Williamson County Courthouse and the Southern Poverty Law Center is behind this billboard in support of, uh, the will call Patriots, which is on the East side of I 35 just south of Leander Road in Georgetown, and it reads Remove the Confederate monuments from our square. Uh, will call patriots is a group of which, according to their Twitter accounts, biography. Their first mission is to take down the Confederate statue and in Georgetown, the Splc says, we'll call Patriots will have been have been advocating for the removal of the Confederate monument for a couple of years Now. The center also mentions the addition of new papers on the courthouse square. Which they say honor Confederate soldiers has increased efforts for the Wilco Patriots to D Confederate. The historic Georgetown Square. The Confederate, in other words, a race history. Yeah, never happened. And that's a that's a That's a tragedy. Right? There is what that is to try to erase history and not talk about what's so important In the development of this country. Good or bad. It happened and you need to know about it, and that's what this is about. It's about Learning about history, whether whether you're and I'm sorry, somebody being offended by this and thinking that it's affected their life in any way as far as the statue itself. That's just a decision that you've made is all the groups. Lisa Brooks released the following statement. It says the placement of the Confederacy symbols was was systematic and intentional. Continues to do their work to the creators intended by serving as a warning to black America. That white supremacy ruled their presence in and around the courthouse is a threat to equal justice, especially for people of color is what they say. Actually, it's not It's not a threat. It's a statue. That's all. It's just It's just a symbol. It's just a reminder of, uh Have a period at the right time. That's all that's all it is. That's all it is. But, boy, if it has no real meaning, and not a big deal, then then then you'd be okay with bringing it down. No, I'm never okay. I would never be okay with bringing this down. Never. It's a reminder. It's It's important. It's important that it stay up for a lot of reasons in the statue. Statue is hurt No. One Mr Solicit falls on you Why they're bringing it down. Definitely made a lot of people uncomfortable. That's for sure. Well, then you shouldn't go to the statue there just don't go. You have that choice. Do you have that? It's the courthouse. That's what steps sometimes people have to go to the courthouse will look the other way as you're walking in. Just look the other way. If you think you got a problem with it, Don't look at it. Yeah, I got you. It is 9 11 here on the tide of Don show and you can jump in at 51283605 90. Remember the phone call we got about a year ago from a gentleman named Ron Stone. Uh, an entrepreneur here locally. He was. This was early in the pandemic he was talking about. He was starting up a company garage Oil, American badass whiskey. When he called our show we get on the website. We checked it out. It was really cool. I mean, the sights Amazing the bottle for this new garage. Oil spirits. American badass. Whiskey is truly amazing. If you've got a unique shape and And I'll be honest with you..

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