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I love the idea of coming back from one holiday and knowing that I've got another one to work towards at all times. So yeah, I one hundred percent behind you, the L, and there's also an interesting post or comment from John de Medeiros who I've interviewed on the podcast, isn't it you need to get back and have listened to his episode. If you get a chance he says that staying small and avoiding growth can be more enjoyable more fulfilling and possibly more profitable than going big. And that's been his philosophy for the last decade. He he's enjoyed it. And he says he can't complain. But he says he's always leaving a little on the edge. And that might be stressful for some photographers, and I totally get that. But I am with you all the ways you on. I love the idea of being small staying small are do have some help. But the the days of growing. My business or having a multimedia business with multiple photographers and lots of stuff. I just that's not something that really excites me anymore. You know on the other hand can't see vantage of that. I mean, we had a post inside the members group from hot tan, again, another previous interview guests who cracked one million dollars for his tone either for twenty nine Justin credible. He has multiple studios a bunch of stuff multiple shooters. So yeah, look, it's swings. Random bands, isn't it? But for me on with pole, and I love the idea of Bank small being responsible myself for what.

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