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We'll see if we could find that there. Maybe we could play that a little bit later on. Final, how do I order the show? We did a deep dive on John Denver. I did find so I got a picture. If you play in the pebble beach pro am, the foursome that you play with, they give you a picture. I played with Kenny Perry Scott mccarran and then another amateur and played in 1997. Later that year, John Denver played at the pebble beach pro am. Later that year is when he died in the plane crash out in Monterey. But that was the only time I ever met him. And from what I remember, it was a pretty good golfer. I didn't get to play with him. I was just, I remember being on the practice screen with him. But got that picture. Clint Eastwood signs it. He's like, hey, congratulations on pebble beach pro am. Hope you had a great time and sincerely Clint Eastwood. Sawing most associated with great song most associated with the state John Denver, sweet home Alabama Leonard Skynyrd. They're not from Alabama, were they? Skynyrd is from Florida. You would know better than me. I don't know. But that song is locked with the state of Alabama. Yes, it is. Yeah, I thought Skynyrd was from Florida, for some reason. That's what I have right here. Okay. Yeah, see. This one's a little bit of a stretch, but Diego take it easy and Arizona. Winslow, Arizona. Right? I mean, it's not the songs I called that, but that lyric. I mean, everybody thinks of Winslow Arizona. I've driven through there. It is a small town. I wouldn't say there's a lot of tourist attractions. That's the main one. Oh, more of you can say that. Devil went down to Georgia, Charlie Daniels band. Okay. You have Todd? New York State of mind? Okay. Tupac, California love? Yeah, California love is what I was thinking. Rocky Mountain high John Denver. There's not a lot of good Delaware rock songs. Not too many. I mean, if I was going to list them, I don't know where to start. The ladies a lot like Reno, Paul, we may be the only one that knows that one. It's a nice country song. It's not George straight. The ladies like Reno. Yeah, but we're talking about a famous song. That's pretty popular. Not as big as the ones we mentioned. And we were talking about a state. Reno city. Yes, mom. That's true. All my exes live in Texas. Oh, that's a great one. I love that. Okay. Midnight train to Georgia. Very good. You gonna dropkick Murphy's pretty much anything ever. Associated with Massachusetts New England. Yeah? Blue Hawaii by Elvis. They made a movie as well. Guess what, he got the girl at the end. Yeah, he always did. Somehow, always got her down in the jungle room. All right, let's take a break. Jim Jackson will join us. Talk some Jessica. Tennessee, Tennessee. All right, yeah. Rest and development. Is Bon Jovi's son dating the star of Stranger Things? Millie Bobby Brown? I think

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