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To you just looking at i'm trying to get information on competitive prices on cruise that we wanna book oh great his mom there hold on thank you that's my mom told me today they want to book a trip to alaska i'm like what to see the whales these are the can barely walk neutrally these are people who last time she went to london she got pneumonia she's going to go to alaska for what michelle yeah hold on only daddy how are you i i don't know i don't know if i didn't sleep good last night what happens to me first of all i think that lindsey says okay we're going to stop you because we're recording you for the michelle i didn't know you're gonna hear constipation case don't google lynn's s is a too loud for you wait ma do me a favor turn the tv down you know you're terrible know who does that parents hello everybody out there there's only one person here and it's someone you kind of now yeah who is dead hey hey bomb it's jerry o'connell moment remember i worked with michelle hi how are your mom i i actually i actually just got on the line i didn't hear any of that other stuff that was happening you're such a liar no i i really didn't how are you what i'm okay it's a gorgeous day here today and everybody should move to florida all right meanwhile you're going on alaskan cruise which i personally think is a big mistake but i wish you a lotta luck and have a great time i have to tell you before i left you the message told day the i bet you that michelle is going to be happy so my you went to london came home with horrible pneumonia that had you bedridden for months then jerry please tell her that was then and this is now that was then this is now okay show when jerry says that i don't mind it for some reason when she says news i'm sure like everything is right there on the ship right right mom in it's true now what how what happens if you take your lynn jessop on the toilet stop working on the chris.

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