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Dollars joint American cannabis summit online at ACS two thousand eighteen dot com. Attendance is free. That's ACS two thousand eighteen dot com. Here's your healthcare update with America's healthcare advocate. Carrie hall, do antioxidants really have a positive effect on our health and reverse the aging process. I'll be right back to tell you do antioxidants, really reverse the aging process. Well, here's some real numbers. It should make a difference to you death rates for people. Take antioxidants are down by fifty percent. Cancer deaths are down by thirteen percent cancer. Survival rates are up by fifty percent, heart attack and stroke down by fifty percents skin cancer down by seventy percent. Infections are down by fifty percent and cataracts are down by twenty seven to thirty six percent. Those are some pretty powerful numbers. Ladies and gentlemen, that show that antioxidants really do make a big difference in your life. If you choose to take them, they can really reverse the aging process and allow you a much happier, healthier life, the cost of vitamins and minerals is small especially compared with the money saved on drugs. Doctor bills hospital. And the ultimate effects of combined aging. Tis the season for New Year's resolutions. Make this year you achieve your goals to lose weight, take couch, and and see the inches and pounds come off. It's proven for results and.

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