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Kids at the winter olympic games this morning men's ice hockey debuted and russia at the gold medal favorite with to nothing lead and lost a slovakia three two two while the us led slovenia three too early in the third across the gorge jobs stay pleaded have sixty four slovenia fair debt is empty this is true welcome aboard look at it forever scott ties in with a forty seven were battered kitty albert on nbc they went to over time slovenia had all the momentum and very quickly richard astro free staters aside sal merger comes from her two there's a good teacher the satanic ski here's teach yard two sunderland j slovenia the veins cleared on stage baird over time for you to no nhl players competing in the olympics for the first time since nineteen ninety four the women's slalom postponed again to tomorrow night because of high winds third time in four days and alpine ski event was delayed it means michaela schifrin is now scheduled to compete thursday friday and saturday after originally planning to compete monday wednesday and saturday sports at fifteen of fortyfive an allnews 106 nihtilae am 740 kcbs gartner red aboard you got a king oh come on.

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