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I own the sister car The alan men. Gt forty In two thousand eight. And now gooding is selling one with the estimates eight million dollars. I had it for a million. I think i sold it for a million one is inventory. Whatever it was grand slam wonderful. Do you think i feel. I left seven million dollars. Zip like a plate with like ten thousand bitcoin. Fourteen ordered papa. john's ten thousand bitcoin. You're super overall. You came up getting are in felts. Thank you very much. Rayleigh says cham. How noticeable was the loss of power to the came. Gt four as you go up. Pike's peak And steve does ted words youtube videos on your cars help bring buyers in atlanta i. Yes ted talented guy. We can't sell that stuff for that. A proper video cam. Gt four is the momentum car obviously pike's peak in fourteen thousand feet so Right about tree line. Which is eleven thousand feet. You start to really know some power going out so you're losing by the time we're up top you've lost one hundred one hundred twenty five yada by the time so it's really again. Pike's peak is all about momentum in any car but particularly that model so yeah I figure we're talking to tim about about that. Class and And going up to the top and smart was just was just by here as well. And he was like you're not eulogised substantially download our top story with the transmission was all goofy onion the pdk because of the altitude tariffs. Because we're gonna tear that it did late testing with yokohama. Dot's advance and So that that's really made for slicks and so story is i had to switch to manual shifting and all the training over the last nine months with pdk support mode. Wow so in seventy seven days. I just figured out pretty quick tires. Were confusing the programming. Circumference up shifting downshift at the completely wrong. That's like i enough to think. Worry about learning turns and when she was just here and he was talking about driving the nine. Thirty five pike's peak. He said he would go to automatic for certain sections and go back to manual for other seconds sections he would leave at emmanuel in the really tight sections he would even auto because it was more likely to use i gear than he was which was interesting. Yeah tony we love our friend tony And i'm glad you enjoyed my four. Our story Tony is Is has a budget. Tony's him is a man with a budget not crazy budget but a strong budget is thinking about getting a five hundred eighty or another or other nineties mercedes sedan. maybe one ninety egos and yes tony. They are crazy right now. What are nice to drive or do you have any other ideas by own. A five hundred eighty. Do you like it. Love it is. It's a it's a big old tank. Yes do fast by today's standards. No yeah it feels rock solid and the build quality they started d-conn tenting right after that and i've got thirteen thousand miles on mine. Fourteen thousand call serio so i. I can't speak high enough although i'll tell you a funny story for eighteen thousand dollars. I just bought my ninety nine year. Old mother's old car back. Because i wanted to give her a thrill in it She had a to sixty and eighty nine. Oh so i bought an eighty nine. Three hundred eighty bring a trailer twenty seven thousand miles on it nice so seventeen five or whatever the car was and it's slow and it's a three hundred but you get into it and you think this car will go further twenty years. Yeah and you'll look at it and go. Yeah it's a taxicab but it's cool as pakistan. I my lease irascible friends in high school literally. The person you couldn't trust with anything fucking drove of one ninety. Excuse me a three hundred. Eighty handed down from his parents in high school and he was the most aggressive driver in history. Didn't give fuck about anything. And he couldn't kill it can kill it. Nope scrapes tony. Buy it from that. Don't feel like a hammer to. That's a cool. A ham as hammers must be really expensive ren tech. Five hundred if you can find on what about How much is an s. l. Seventy three these days saying money you can find sixty or seventy find really hard to find because pagonis buys them worth it hard to maintain that car. Though i wouldn't want to have that car break on me. I loved my five hundred one. Two nine five hundred was great. So nice such a What else that period. What about a seven forty. I m sport. That's a short wheelbase. Feels like james bond. Those are cool under appreciated early. Gen m five still you know. He's got an e thirty nine. You go nice. Yeah it's very nice Good taste bad ass. He's got an icy thirty nine and five. Thanks tony matt g. says oh oh thank you. Thank you for the donation sir Car cad kadoorie crunch says well my three hundred s de l. Merck ever be worth anything. Should i drive it into the ground. Minty but t m you on into the ground that cars good for yes right into the ground. Take care of it. Change surprise yeah. Sdn long wheelbase s class diesel. I don't see that as being too collectible. But i do see that as being useful as a car. You'll never be able to kill isuzu. You've been a used car Rob says what. What is a better by a nine nine. One dot two. Gt okay the gt. Three touring the new. Gt three touring all right. So here's the thing it's not. I don't know about better by because the prices fluctuating on the older cars right. And who knows if he can go up yes. It's just way the fuck up. The difference to me is that the the touring versus the wing car in the old car actually has a bit of a different suspension tune whereas in the new car the touring and the wind car say same and so it means it's kind of stiff and it means it's a little. It's not like daily drivable..

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