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Harry, Canada, Air Force discussed on America Trends


Welcome to American friends thank you for being with us for the hour I may need fuller head we have use on the Oscar is sad that his friend he might have seen it as the nominees were just announced we're going to defend here some of them coming up also want to tell you trending in the news it is all about Iran and other things impeachment of course Iran is denying reports that security forces fired live ammunition at protesters president trump is warning them that the world is watching anti government protests are growing over that down passenger jet spreading across the country going into a fourth day we'll talk to political commentator Larry ward of political media dot com among other things coming up in just a few minutes Attorney General William Barr says it's official it was terrorism when a Saudi military officer killed three sailors and wounded eight others at the Naval Air Station Pensacola last month that twenty one year old was then killed by law enforcement now more than a dozen Saudi servicemen some reports say twenty one are now being expelled from the United States but those men are not accused of aiding the Air Force second lieutenant who was behind the attack but some are being expelled for other things like having child **** the Pentagon announced December tenth it was halting operational training of all Saudi Arabian military personnel in the U. S. after the attack the Pentagon that announced December nineteenth it found no threat in its review of about eight hundred fifty military students in Saudi Arabia studying here and the last the British royal family appears to be working on that wrist and that seems to come to an agreement regarding Harry and Meghan's exit from royal duties or makes it has some are calling it Queen Elizabeth is agreeing to grant them permission for more independence and for them to split their time between the UK and Canada American with a period of transition the queen along with prince Charles and princes William and Harry gathered Monday to discuss area mags that Meghan's controversial decision to step away Queen Elizabeth released a statement saying she would have preferred Harry and Meghan remain full time working members of the royal family but that she understands their wish to live more independent lives as a family while remaining a valued part of my family the queen said well how are you handling January so far we have a fun internet comedian whose name is Tracy Kennedy he has what he calls fun honest winner thought now to share listen Hey yeah I'm not bill majored in around the remote start work.

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Harry, Canada, Air Force discussed on America Trends

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