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I think two thousand ten and okay, it's going to trial runs going to start in July. And then the two thousand eleven reports is the trial is going to start in August. And the two thousand twelve reports as a trial's gonna start in September. And then the two thousand thirteen report never mentioned it. It disappears from the face of the earth. So so the best showed up way back in two thousand ten. Yeah. I think that the funding was in. Oh, eight and the bus actually was delivered in twenty ten wouldn't the company. No, it didn't work before they sent it to southern California. Now. It was part of I think. I think I interpret what they're saying. I mean, I think I did it start up. Yeah. But it wasn't. It did not work for revenue service is what they say. You carry a whole lot of pass. For an eight hour day, or whatever it might. You can drive it around the lot maybe, but it's not gonna work reliably to pick people up for eight hours a day. I just figure the company would would know this and then call up the city and say this isn't working out. It ended up here. And that they tried for several years to get it to work. I mean, you're not going to get a local repairman to to be able to fix this. Right. That was part of the we're seeing the reports they had to get maintenance people out here and everything and it just alternately the city says it didn't work. It didn't work. There's money this tonight at eleven eleven and let me real quick Sunday. We have the Super Bowl on CBS. And we've got a story on the news after the Super Bowl on car leases people sometimes want to try to get out of their car. Lease. And there's a guy who is running company. I did a story on back in two thousand eight and he went to prison for a year and a half where they claim he was convicted of grand theft auto and Carly situation. And we found is doing some of the same stuff again. Interesting story. It's on on the news after the Super Bowl on Sunday. All right and tonight and eleven on channel two is the story about the bus and the poss. All right, guys. Yeah. Very good. David million dollar bus sitting idle with a possum living in it? It's David killed Steve. Now, remember the story about the LA electric buses. It couldn't go uphills. Yes. It's like they try all these alternative energy buses, and it just don't work as well. As gas goes, they don't they actually carry people carry people up downhill, we got more coming up. John and Ken KFI your chance to win a thousand dollars coming up. Debra Mark has news health officials in LA county are warning people against swimming, surfing were playing notion waters due to recent rainfall health department says the oceans likely contaminated right now by bacteria, chemicals, and debris. The advisory is in effect until Sunday the polar vortex in the mid west is so intense hell has frozen over the little town of hell Michigan down to fifteen minus yesterday the people who. Who live in hell of an using snowmobiles to get to an emergency warming center at the local saloon, President Trump says the date and location of a second summit with North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN has been agreed to Trump said that will be announced soon. It is expected to happen in a location in Asia late next month, we will go to the fifty seven and check in with the KFI in the sky next. Oh, the resolution services that didn't work out. But the IRS is still coming after you for money. Call my friends at tax group center at met with these guys. They are good people..

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