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Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red and here's rob woodfork The wizards fell one 13 one O 8 to a struggling pacers team despite getting a combined 53 points from Kyle Kuzma and kentavious Caldwell Pope but the game came down to the paint where west's until junior scene was outscored 74 to 36 We gotta do a better job of falling off the mountain to continuously get in my paintings problem Some of that was transitioned but that type of number 74 points You're not going to win one nights The wizards won't have kristaps porzingis to help in the final game before the all star break as 7 30 tip off in Brooklyn Down a level Georgetown is losing skid reaches 15 games after falling to marquette 77 66 to drop to O and 14 in the big east American has dropped 9 of their last 11 after a 55 46 loss to navy George Mason and GW each one on the road The nationals offered Juan Soto a 13 year $350 million extension before the MLB lockout but the star outfielder said he is content to wait for free agency after the 2024 season In this week's episode of the D.C. sports huddle come for our discussion on Ryan Zimmerman's impact on Washington and the wizards trade for kristaps porzingis but stay for Dave Johnson the voice of D.C. united going off about the assertion that there's only four major North American professional sports leagues It was 5 major sports at least and you'll look at any metric The four major is ridiculous I'm sorry but I gotta drive you nuts and people laugh at me but get me in the debate Show me the metrics The full rant is definitely worth your time.

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