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The bloomberg terminal more headlines from around the world hayes inbox leon good morning markus chinese state media has confirmed kim john is visiting beijing today this comes a week ahead of after the north korean leader's historic summit with us president trump in singapore kim's expected debris president xi on his meeting with trump underscoring beijing's economic and strategic importance to be on young meanwhile trump is agreed to alter the nineteen fifty three armistice halting the north korean war if sorry halting the korean war north korea gives up its nuclear weapons secretary of state mike pompeo says a promise was made at the trump kim summit bit wasn't announced out the time there's a great deal of work today we still have to flush up all the things that underlay the commitments that were made that dancing i was there in the room with mckenna was the was the third time i've met chairman he has made very clear his commitment to fully denuclearized has country was just six weeks to go until zimbabwe holds first election since longtime leader robert mugabe was forced to quit the main opposition says it's still hasn't been given a copy of the voters roll bloomberg's mike cohen reports david coltart a senator for the movement for democratic change says bobby electoral commission gave a copy of the role to the british high commission but his party's requests for one have been repeatedly rebuffed five point six million people have being registered to vote and the opposition wants to check that they're entitled to do so in cape town mike cohen bloomberg daybreak europe and in brazil lula da silva has raised more funds from inside jail than any other presidential candidate despite the likelihood he'll be barred from standing bloomberg's paul douglas has the details your pimple leader received seventy two thousand dollars so far in crowdfunding god the internet the supreme court has banned corporate donations ahead of october's election lillies keeping himself in the long march but submitting his thoughts on the world cup tour liquid tv station in brazil bruce starkness daybreak europe cleverness twenty four hours a day on an tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts symbol than one hundred twenty countries i'm beyond guarantee this is bloomberg markets thanks very much indeed leon now we have some world cup action to update you about his george audit with this accounts in hurricane says that see one victory over tunisia in their first game of the world cup in russia was no less than they deserved the strike is scored the winner in injury time after his first half goal was cancelled out by controversial penalty belgium i end up with a comfortable three now when the england next group g opponents panama andy murray makes his return to competitive tennis for south names the first time in nearly a year well number one starts come comeback from a hip injury by playing australia nick curious in the first round of the queen's club championships but i reckon call follows him on center court when he takes on american harrison birmingham i turn pussy swimming's number one hundred cancer has been clash with defending champion patrick evita england's cricket says conceal victory in their one day international series with australia later which is team matches left to play by winning at trent bridge james's palace stakes is the defense on day one of racing at this year's royal scots without parole and romanized removing the favorites george oldham and their with sports i was watching the england game yesterday with an open window always so nice to hear the chairs coming from around london when england scores t one against tunisia now coming up here on bloomberg daybreak europe we'll be speaking to cause some process ski chief economist at i n g diba he's gonna be joining us next out of central out of portugal where the forum is underway we'll talk trade will talk central bank action as larry psomas warned of potential process this is bloomberg join bloomberg.

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