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Graduates come out Hillsdale college and you know why because they have formally participated in four years I'm a well rounded education I found a sense of accomplishment by learning to articulate their thinking they are toward critical thinking they're not propagandized they're not indoctrinated students at Hillsdale learn how to think and they learn how to tell people what they think they learn how to articulate they learn how to demonstrate their knowledge you know some people never learn how to do that they just look at my degree she I got to be a here and whatever no but you wouldn't know it if it weren't for that Hillsdale students can demonstrate their knowledge they've also learned to fully appreciate where America's freedoms come from because they become experts in the U. S. constitution now Hillsdale is one of the more challenging higher level educational environments there is but the professors and administrators there create an environment very focused on learning very focused on personal achievements in that way for a hundred seventy five years since Hillsdale was founded and this impact goes beyond their campus you can take free online Hillsdale college courses no strings attached no tests no grades you just take the courses for learning sign up at rush for Hillsdale dot com okay curtain Sacramento great to have you Sir glad you waited welcome to the EIB network best wishes to you Ross I wanted to continue not congratulate Graham won a special election in Kentucky I've heard nothing about that you said something I'm on my phone app and you can get anything from him Kardashian after practice step is being saved in Stuart hi but they couldn't mention the Republican one eight final action and and I'm sure this has been held for thirty three years by the Democrats it's safe if something significant and just I mean not that cricket I I like I said I I didn't even know there was an election going on and I also just like to take this opportunity to comment on on something you were talking about yesterday you have to articles one about rose rock rose sister and I had about one of my manuals guides in or something and there have been high paying government jobs are these families just don't see that it was superior to us that they're the only ones qualified for these positions or is this just more nepotism and it's not it's it's it's it's it's the it's it's not just nepotism it's incestuous it's a revolving door but it's not just in government it's everywhere I'm not gonna be able to express this properly someone I'm gonna have to research but I'm gonna try the NFL R. is all troubled every year after head coach openings are filled but not enough African Americans are higher and and they've got the Rooney rule they've got a really real requiring that more African Americans be interviewed to try to get them known by people who make hiring decisions at various NFL teams and still the hiring rate is unsatisfactory low you look at who does get hired as head coaches and if you follow the trail here is astounding what a close community the NFL coaching community is for example the defensive coordinator for the San Francisco forty well this is where it's going to break down because my memory is going to fail me here but the head coach of the Green Bay Packers is a brother of an offense of coordinator for the sensors or forty Niners and they were all three the defense according to four games all together on a college staff somewhere and it's this way every team or a lot of teams where there is this like their head coach of the Chicago Bears used to be with a couple of eagles in the cancer the chiefs and got to be known by the it gets everywhere this this this this this business of who you know mattering as much as what you know in terms of getting a job it's not it's not just in government but it is predominant there and that and that's one of the reasons people want to be at a leak it's one of the reasons I want to be in the establishment this is how you guarantee your kids jobs are you guarantee yourself a job tell your guarantee yourself a lifelong job in a lifelong income and your relatives and so forth it's just this is how it works on your Zeke Emanuel so you're talking about Rahm Emmanuel's brother he's a doctor but he happened to be one of the architects of obamacare yeah well whether he's a better doctor anybody else we don't know and I'm not bringing it up for that reason but if Rahm Emanuel's a prominent Democrat he's got a brother is a doctor the odds are from once involved Democrat party is going to be rod Rosenstein sister is who made the announcement from the CDC yesterday that it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when and we're all going to be really really affected by the coronavirus it I guarantee you you would be well not enough you'd be surprised or not but this this is just how the world works and how life happens you've heard the old saying it's not so you know it's very but it is who you know and it is where you come from and a lot of ways that determines the thing that's why people who achieve great things that have nothing they have nothing back and they have no connections they have nobody pulling levers are strings form that's why those people are largely resented folks because they represent a great threat to the existing order somebody comes out of no where nobody knows some nobody knows who they are and they've become prominent in the field those people are a threat to the existing order and establishment of whatever business we're talking about medicine broadcasting you take a drive by media news politics I'll expand on this if you want at some point but we're out of time right now your listening to.

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