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So imagine being professional baseball player going out to spring training in your shirt. Shorts were just in like stock black. No no bird no on it enough no orange nothing weird bigly resumption. My first year quite interesting. Yeah my rookie year ball. We got just plain green shorts and they want him back at the end of the season. Unlike you won't my twelve dollar Unbranded shorts to give some other dude next year. I sweat Games like your series are now. What's that was the management of that team bills? Those era normal my old cornpone my home down. Yeah well now as part of the reason when you nickel and dime everyone it's just like put the bad taste. Yeah puts a bad taste in their mouth. They give me some feedback by the way. Whatever you just did. periscope periscope. Hello everyone we are live This is episode three of the morning. Brushback I'm Dan Blewett here with Bobby Stevens Bobby. It's up man. It's going on So I want to discuss this concept with you. That deserted. Think it's Kinda funny. Have you heard of the term airport rolls a? Us have neither never. I haven't either but it makes sense of barely. There's no rules in the airport which I definitely understand but if you need pizza nine. Am Your Needs Spaghetti at four? In the morning you'll have a you know a drink at ten o'clock in the morning or five at ten o'clock in the morning your airport you can do it. I guess So there's always acne airport. No there's not Saron world time reverted to with grow virus like I think that's an apt It's analogy good job. Chelsea but is there an virus rules right now? I don't know what I have zero day. The only reason tire league baseball rules as Minor League baseball rules. You don't know day of his. He added you know that he knows a little bit about what day it is in minor leagues. Because you know when you're traveling I have. I'm leaving the House I'm just here. I'm just I'm I'm a prisoner at this point. That's true you. Will you delay prisoner It's a plain white background. The bars the doors locked. Yeah I get through on my back. Speaking of which the audience sweet red glow red. That will do that. People Your way you stuff is fancy this is this is this is a year and a half to making all this Youtube like if you look at the quality of my first youtube videos just trash if you look at any creative on youtube first videos trash and they just ramp up over time they get better and they get better. It gets easier and easier but like I was trying to explain to my Brother-in-law because we did a family. Zoom Call Day. Just because you know. We can't be together and He acts like about my Webcam. Set up like obviously. I'm way sharper like I'm broadcasting from an actual Sony Four K camera right now Connected to a two hundred dollar Mike and has all these cable like extremes. Y computer like whatever. It's a big setup which is because I already have that Cameron already have that Mike. Whatever is asking about the setup and it's like there are so many tears of how you could do things so if you're out there and you're using zoom today and you WanNa make your video quality better like Bob. You just bought a better webcam right. It did in so many tries to find everybody in the world has bought a Webcam every best buy in Chicago every office depot. There's not one Webcam in Chicago. I got this one at a guitar center which I didn't realize that. They needed to sell webcams but they do the height of the foot. The foot traffic run in and out of Guitar Center is Insane Insane. Roller there was a line. There is a line. Sorta got ten in the morning. People need backyard. Banjo players more than ever people need guide the Party. Who's GonNa whip out his guitar and singing songs? No one wants to hear then even more than ever. If there was ever a group of people that had grown virus they were congregating at in the Audio Section at Guitar Center Surfer Dude with some you know Jack Johnson Remax remixes he is in demand. This is his time this his time and now a couple of guys at refuse. Wash your hands yeah but I mean there's it's it's complicated. Settle this stuff up but I mean to your point my the quality. My videos ramped up over time. The quality might editing. Like I edit all the time now getting better at it I mean like everything in life it just takes time you choir skills and it the process so I my first zoom was what last week and I feel great. Yeah it's Tastic look I think we're getting there. Nick we're getting men While and the other thing is like audio quality for podcasts. Like two years ago. Doing my own podcast with Lucas. Cook and I myself guests just like the call ins weren't as good like the call. Video quality from Zoom audio is very good. Which is exciting to me. Because I hate when you have a podcast where someone's in. The students like phenomenal sound right. The host has beautiful audio then. They call their guests and it sounds like they're shouting across a gymnasium speakerphone. I'm always on speakerphone all the way to do it. Well let's classic you so we have more Tommy. John News to talk about the war. Gone Down Tommy John's on miss. This has become the time John Lodge Awhile. It's probably going to end but as head. Does he have a history of of being hot with the ground was the one? I thought that had the history mixing them those two. I don't follow the mets at much. are was Guard does anyone follow the mets? I Dunno I got one friend that follows the mets and he's not happy about it I don't know I don't know if I think this is the first time John but I I can't say I should do more research not. I don't think he's had Tommy John. I didn't know it was. He hurt recently. In the last couple years was at the ground One of them has been hurt. One of them's been hurt a few times in my yard. I think I'm just a bad. Mlb reporter at this moment. Let me pull 'em trade rumors which is my only source of contact with the baseball world. Jeff Passan well. He tweeted on. Mlb He. He tweeted out the story. Yeah I'M GONNA START BREAKING MLB News. That's totally falls. Just we'll just copy and paste someone else's breaking news interest rate on your says breaking all guarantee news breaking news and then that's how you do it. They can't say it's not breaking immediately. You explain it away So we have some guests lined up for the show We've gotten some some friends reaching out to us or got to be sponsored by zoom after your little there well. I am welcome to help people and Long Story I. I actually have a Webcam where here I'm GonNa Mail it to my brother-in-law and Up his his game because it really everyone. Just I don't hear the owner Stanley. We have iphones that are is so technologically advanced right but the webcams they build. Even into three thousand dollar brand. New Laptops are still seven hundred. Twenty twelve eighty. There's still seven twenty. P. Why is the world's Webcam supply coming from like Nineteen Eighty-four Russia? I don't understand I don't know I don't. We have a four K. There's four K. Ten Eighty P so ten eighty was the HD standard like last ten years. Now it's four K. And then seven twenty P is like was crappy. Hd Back when I was fifteen. Seven twenty is what your camera does. That's the highest resolution will do twelve twelve hundred eighty pixels wide by seven. Twenty doll- Which is okay for like viewing on a mobile phone. But I just don't understand like when there's four K. phones four K. cameras in your phone. Why you can't put a four K camera and a computer air? Welcome your Webcam SNOB. You know I am a Web game snob But it's just it's just ridiculous like people video call more today than ever and when you buy a new computer like this Lenovo Laptop that uses pretty new gun November and for two grand. You should be able to get just like the same webcam quality. That's on your stupid smartphone. Latest more from cost two hundred dollars. Now you know what I mean. It just doesn't make sense to me. I understand like why they make those decisions. When Apple's reengineering laptops all these companies to bring out the latest and the greatest and they're like what kind of Webcam we put in these board meeting to discuss the specs. What kind of Web game? Let's go with the same quality we've had since nineteen eighty. Yeah that sounds good. You know what everyone agree. Yes they drop the gavel on. It just doesn't make sense. I don't understand. I'll make a few calls. Algiers a global conspiracy is what I think. Honesty's happening We into other conspiracies if this were the now 'cause So for those of you viewing. If you don't know bobby and I don't talk about a lot of things notably Donald Trump Vaccines You believe in the Easter Bunny. Probably right coming up. We'll find out. I got a guy came up overnight. Bobby REFUSES TO BELIEVE ANYTHING. You just picked. His like is infuriatingly agnostic. Point of view you're like trump could be really selfish or maybe is not there like some things that are objectively may be true and and I'm going to tell the line it's not the line. We never make a decision. It's towing the line rattled. Land straddling you. Don't have any information to get decision. I've got my twitter up right now with my twitter feed is full of virus information right now virus information a everything I could be. It could be the world's leading expert on Corona virus at this point while I do find it fascinating. What Liberty University's doing they're just like. Oh No Virginia Yeah. We don't want the kids to miss out on college. Does calling so great. Just throw the whole quarantine thing and do in a disarray A. Just doesn't make any sense to me. It makes sense and through the Lens that he just doesn't seem to care or Jerry. Falwell junior or subscribe to science. I mean every person in the world is saying that's a bad idea on putting all their instructors at risk especially and their students do. I can't imagine anybody is in a hurry to get back to Lynchburg Virginia being someone who's frequented there and also live there. It is awful for any viewer for anybody of theirs. God help you if you are viewing this and live in. Lynchburg my apologies. The K. MARTS. Nice in the tractor supply top notch but that place is just brutal will ironically enough. It's called liberty but they have vastly reduced liberties if your liberty student. Because it's such a religious school are sean toppled. Did you play Sean? I did one of my teammates. Are Mutual teammate. Sean off all went to liberty and I I. I probably gave him crap about going to liberty every other week blade. Hey Sean when did you learn to dance? I know they don't let you know they don't allow dancing liberty. And he's like Dan we dance. Liberty like Sean. When did you first hear real music? Because I know they don't let you listen to music at liberty. He's like we could listen to music he's like. I don't know about liberty but it's terrible. It's terrible the town is nice people just nothing to do. I'm sure there's like Buffalo Wild Wings a lot of colleges to now this is. This is extreme we went to Northern Illinois. I mean what do you mean? The Northern University Harvard of the Midwest is the yeah own hit phenomenal academic. I mean I remember looking up. I think I one of my summer teams had a game near Dekalb Illinois which is where he ignored their Roy is a cal to Catholic. Alb- sorry And I got depressed just looking at Google maps. I was like you got you get a branch out of your bubble. The calva destination spot in the northern part of They look old wooden waterpark or something raves winners and there's a bridge corn fast corn fest. Twenty twenty no way cancel it. There's no there's no way all right enough enough about mine so all modern Boca I'm I went to UNBC which is no livelier. It's Everyone stays in a does computer science on Friday nights so serving you all now. Ironically enough I do a lot of computers even though I did nothing with computers Philosophy so there you go So Bobby I wanNA talk today about the softball swing versus the baseball swing. When you got same swing next question some people say I mean they're like you know girls are a little weaker when they're younger if they cut down there swaying if they kind of changed things. They make more contacts. How do you feel that I would not teach a softball player to swing any differently So one of the girls At the facility that I have up here in Chicago does I. I refer any softball Players to her just because she's professional softball player. She's got the experience. She teaches slap hitting which is totally different Idea WANNA get a little bit of a running start but the bad in the ball basically. You're halfway down the line by the time the the ball reaches the the fielder. You're safe all the time. If you can execute that but the swing itself mechanically keynote the the idea of how you get set up into the back hip everything. I would teach baseball clarity softball player. You know I. I'm seeing the. There's a the same thing we talked about Monday. Jeff Frye Kinda throughout that same thing. Baseball versus off ball on it. It was it was Kinda Steering himself towards the point of the ball is different which is obviously true You know I'm family give softball lesson Softballs but the same way I would teach a baseball swing Softball SWING PHILOSOPHY. Might be different. Where put the ball in play is more emphasizing off? Maybe I'm not I don't coach softball. I do actually like watching softball softball. I've gone a few softball been professional softball game like the the pace moves. I mean it's it's the pace of play that you want baseball to have the ball. The ball's in play like everybody's flying around the basis obviously only like sixty five feet..

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