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Increased this year as china has drawn down its own aid still the big talk in washington former acting dnc chairwoman donna brazile alleging she found proof that the 2016 democratic primary was rigged in hillary clinton's favor she revealed an agreement that the committee had with the clintons favoring her as the candidate more from correspondent aero barnette the document was signed by the dnc and the clinton campaign oldest of 2015 early in the election cycle when potential candidates like vice president joe biden was still deciding whether to get in form of then he signed his campaign manager jeff weaver on what these tie of activities a jew is destroying the faith of people that we have a fair and democratic electoral process now the clinton campaign said the dnc was in debt and form a check of and a howlett deigned described the agreement as standard operating procedure more snow in the forecast out west four inches has already on the ground in bellingham washington it will spread red south to california and the rockies andrea petritsch is with washington state department of transportation working to make sure that the roads are as clear as off the ball by need drivers that participate and make sure that their slowing down for conditions some parts can see up to two feet of the white stuff security at tomorrow's new york city marathon will include extra officers heavy weapons bombsniffing dogs and rooftops snipers some runners have been expressing mixed feelings about marathoning so soon after the deadly truck attacker new york robert mercredi is a terror expert with john j college of criminal justice and says the accessible terrorist attacks fall into two categories one would be the easy targets the other is hard target the much larger new york city marathon is.

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