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Once a year. It's not. It's only July 1st, but I feel like we Bring up Bobby Bunny is contract. All the time. But today is Bob. Even the day he gets paid $1.19 million. And It's a long running joke with with the Mets, because obviously wasn't a good free agent signing and they continue to pay him and everything. It's actually worked out quite nicely for both sides. Cause the Mets got some immediate relief when they're going through all their troubles with the Ponzi scheme and all that kind of stuff that they got caught up in and then Bobby Bania gets toe. Make $1.19 million every July 1st. And I got to say with a cz. Muchas we beat the Bobby Bania Day thing over the head all every single year. And make a big old fuss about it. It is. I'm shocked that we don't see Maur contracts work that way. Like Not the bio contracts. I mean, literally like the normal contracts. That guy's sign. Like you see what's happening with Bobby Bania. How would you not get your agent to give you that kind of a deal? We always talk about like Bobby Bunny has been retired for 20 years or whatever it's been, and he's still getting paid a $1,000,000.1.19 million every single year. I mean, that's true planning. But all of these No. And it doesn't work it everything you can't do it in football. Right because Nonguaranteed contracts, and I'm sure NFL teams will be able Tio take advantage of that, but in the sports with guaranteed contracts I mean, think about the foresight it would take. From a player. To say. I'm not going to get paid $30 million Take Nolan are Renato, for example. Dolinar notto, making roughly $30 million a year. So, he says, instead of paying me $30 million a year For the next 10 years. I'm going, kid get paid. And I'm not great at math. But I'll take it. I'll take it down to 20 year. So there's if my math is correct. That's $100 million that he's lopping off. The contract over the 10 years. And he's like I would like you. To pay me the rest. Over my post playing career, because probably Nolan, aren't I was going to be close. Done with his career, maybe gets a couple of years past this contract. And then, of course, there's the whole what if he opts out and science? Another long term deal somewhere else, But Nolan are now is not going to have a ton of baseball left in him. After a decade. Certainly not a lot of baseball, high level baseball to where he would be paid a lot of money. On a contract. Now, I'm sure there might be rules against it and stuff. But I just don't understand why, with how creative and four thinking And Also the outside the box thinking like Spencer didn't witty, converting, trying to convert his entire contract into Bitcoin. I just trying to come up with these Ways to try and get a deal like Bob even came because it was a buyout in it. It was a separate arrangement, and I don't know if It would jive with the Ciba and things like that, But I don't know why players There's there's gotta be at least one or two players that push for something like this right probably has to be collectively bargained. But we haven't even heard of anyone that's even tried. Anyone that's brought it up is like you know what I think I would like a Bobby Bania type contract. Somebody's gotta figure. Somebody's got it. Have thought of this. Right? I mean, we talk about it every single year. Good on Bobby Bania. $1.19 million richer today. If you want to get in touch with the show, you could text in at 5 to 29872 That's 5 to 2 x T R A. You could also call in To that number. You'll hear from Jeff. Bright age here in the next segment. As he had some comments when it comes to Ian Desmond. Also Matt Camp, what kind of an impact he can make? On the Colorado Rockies. Also talked about How they're communicating. With the governor and public health officials and Mayor Handcock to try and Navigate all of this. Now, baseball players reported today. So the Rockies are showing up. To Coors Field, But that doesn't mean that tomorrow. They're going to be able to Governor Polish yesterday. Of course, shutting down bars now fear a bar that serves food. You're okay. If you don't serve any food, you gotta Close up. So anyway, that's beside the point. Jeff Bright it you'll hear from Jeff Bright Ege. And just a little bit. Both Philip Lindsay And Garrett Bolles took to social media today. To make statements about what types of players they're going to be. This season. We'll get into that as well. Today's Canada Day. Happy Birthday, Canada. And apparently, the NHL is Giving Canada a birthday present by not by not just giving them one Making them one host city. Both Both host cities. Ed Minton and Toronto reportedly will be the two host cities when the NHL resumes at the end of the month. And we had thought we had long thought about badminton. Because thie premiere Of Ed Minton was doing everything he can. He was lobbying Justin Trudeau and the government to allow badminton to be one of the host cities and you talk to people in NHL circles and they said, you know Edmund 10. If the government of Canada lightens up a little bit. And allows players Tio Cross. Into Canada from the United States and allow them to beer and cut down on the time they have to be quarantined. That Edmund tonight would be the Canadian city that got it. But as many of you pointed out when we were having that discussion initially You looked at a city like Toronto. On the eastern side of the continent. As a bigger city, and maybe A better city tohave it and then we had this. So was Edmund in Vegas. Then who's Vegas? Toronto, and now it looks like it's Ed Minton. And Toronto..

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