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Yes Mike McConnell we first get up to speed on your incomplete report of a half hour ago yes indeed the top ten markets for vacation homes yes they have the greatest percentage of vacation homes yes we said main was number one followed by Vermont and New Hampshire and then we have Alaska Delaware Florida coming in at number six Montana Wisconsin Arizona and Idaho all states I would choose surprised yeah me too this was news because well the point was that a high was like forty nine out of fifty yeah we'll have any vacation now as we don't like Haitians in Ohio will like company that's I guess he does not get out but I found I found a last could be surprising yes I'd like dell I thought to floor Florida would be higher up Montana Wisconsin most coaches get the lakes right the legs and then the mountains got Big Sky in buffalo yeah but vacation homes in Montana the boys ranch dude ranches that's what they're dude ranches whatever you say anyway back to the reality star retail sales were up yes more than expected up four tenths percent last month broad gains of course most categories suggesting that consumer consumption was already healthy before the anticipated interest rate cuts that we are thinking we're going to get the end of this month eleven of thirteen major retail categories rose that's a lot that is a lie all right does where we have like maybe step one in air traffic control for drones explain blues yes the company that brought you free digital maps and email wants to help you flyer drone this is winning it's an offshoot of Google they have a new after calling open sky that they hope will become the basis for a full fledged air traffic control system for drones now it's been approved to manage drone flights in Australia and wing has been working and demonstration projects with the FAA and other countries other companies are doing this to there's a company called air map and another one called iris automation they're doing the same thing with the FAA but having a robust air traffic system for small drones flying at low altitudes is really critical for companies that want to use drones for deliveries no I want with once this starts happening people are going to put up with it drones are noisy they fly low overhead and they met and they make bombs bark that's what happens if you start getting a lot of them out there people are going to put up with it well we'll see what happens what way we must be a member to be flying down the you know the the median of the interstate or something to stay away from houses but there wasn't of your house but then they can make their deliveries the idea is to bring it right to you that final modeled my point is I don't think people thought this through note drawing pain in the **** of some neighbor had one up one night last week I'm sitting outside of its content and maybe they'll be I want to shoot it down we'll get only been up there for a minute if you shoot down all the drones will just have to get quieter drones quiet drones not a problem as drones stand right now but then the thing is if you have a quiet drone you don't wanna know that something's up there one of my head on and I'm not three a little bit of noise I don't want to look up and see something's kindest hovering there are the Jensen dropping a project I've ever package on me the jets in mobile sound that would be nice look into it all right what about what we have like maybe news for seniors was stubborn back pain yes yes yes another non opioid therapy option it could be thank you puncture now the federal government has to make good on a plan to cover acupuncture with the Medicare program but the centers right now for Medicare and Medicaid services to propose covering the therapy if patients and role in clinical trials sponsored by the national institutes of health or other approved studies reflects a growing body of research that subjects ask your punk data suggests acupuncture can be effective in treating certain kinds of pain in my hand goes up here buy back at the puncture difficult to believe in the first of may Dallas was like a placebo I did I went in there for back he went in as a believer I went in as a believer I wouldn't is a hope for let's put it that way and now I'm a believer placebo all rights futures are what when you're a senior baby your giant okay features this morning just a little bit higher is simply a two points nasdaq and three from the Bloomberg news or on my poetry Sikora on newsradio seven hundred W. SO.

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