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Yup but we're doing i Juror burry special. Look at a little while ago. Now have been in the fridge for a bit and i popped into missouri burry. We'll we'll go a bit more detail light of what we got years. Which is a law on i. We didn't one recently with here when we did so. Seven doesn't feel like as much as i seven the law calculator so let's list them all. We got the jurors burry the sunlight laut. Then we've got a pills now. We've got the honey. wait in. i think it's mandy wasn't yeah it's ice oil let go. Api which australian piled. maybe maybe. That's what i get out of the fbi. Sincere in i- mcenery. I'm pretty pretty clear. What's waterway got there. And while it's just rip into the line on sorry seven said to him give me six and we'll talk about it. And they he said author chose the six apart from the line. He said i really want you to join. Law is really pretty long spiked with the henry with it ruin and he said. I want you to try the lottery. Throwing that in the six jason side. He got it now. We should talk about the website. Still in a construction brought is very little information abridged. What are you going on on the boardwalk zero bottles. We have not had all hobbies. Who say we have. We have not bowls for a while but we did a line many but size even studies site while i'm cooking you. I'm great. i'm after right. Fly by mike and really tic- lot beers is a big is big go. Though is the biggest challenge three percent. I've ain't by using the very best ingredients. Comp- radley cited. We've achieved a b that is by slot impactful five. I believe we have succeeded in capturing a little bit avail. Abundant male juror sunshine in h bottle because juror just thinking of jurors a long wife or mellon. Always at is still in victoria. Last fired we went camping the week before we went camping but place. Go belts are orland. It's bad halfway between soda Been draw from utah campaign. Said gonna take off in gun at lunch. Joe spit near aaron hawk. While the gada we can't show and moments more come to mamie omit driving. When had lunch there and many met. Ron grow there and picked up had a couple of years. Well it about what it was getting. That was coming home from that camping trip. It was such a low aside as i coating to google maps. Five hundred sixty. Eight kilometers for melvin. It is closer to at ally that it is. He's at rolling. That is so funny. Because you think of victoria and the josh. But if you recently on rainy era by load or twenties maybe that's why but longtime we've spent a bit itami rogan vile. It's not far rogue on the bit of someone that we spent a vivid. Every now and again we got nipping water. Getting exam so It is three hundred ninety five from lights before was going back to the beer. Beer is sexual unlock oversight. Could it's extremely light law. It's not even a yellow meyer sort of orangey crystal clear and hana pitish with hanging. I'ma and probably wouldn't get it was a lot can say why you sort of join this. That's gonna fade bit of flavor in lower. We don't do a lot of law. We do not have meets serena yep on the full but this is three you said it was the in israel. Iran can actually see all the priorities. That's not bad. I am surprised across expecting much. But that's the snow brand new but heavily. I've got again that that's probably one of the libels is a little bit different really. Is this liable in in the honey. Wait luke walk the standards and the rest of mixed up a little bit mixed up. So let's just move on with the pills. I don't know it's very. I'm not sure rush. I haven't looked hard. But i couldn't follow them. I haven't looked to an interestingly. Actually everything the law has a back. Nothing else has a abaco. Which i guess mine's you sell. It shows zero martin. I think they'd be a standard if you wanted. It didn't decide danes baca so this is older stock kgab deitz. Don't think so many. Just w so. They've only sound of on dates on the stubby. But jim say you said you visited the burden clearly. We didn't want to fade right food. Is it smack. Bang in the military or year i say rambling merger of bullet for a long time minutes. Why didn't melchior's massive. I had no idea. Actually it's really spread drive for an we can with the main pot of tan was lucky to get in your google maps. And you like. I don't know what i'm looking for the gallon. Fond the myself off not really county. This good mood. You're in this can tamil exactly but as goes up like it's such a even said to milwaukee We're gonna canes. We've talked them. Yeah good weather. Nas splices restaurants and cafes breakfast prices and all that sort of stuff this strip where he goes up the street that the reading east it's unreal. It's just cafes and berries over one very but in risk at restaurants and is agenda way. Ross and we went from this joint. We'll and or three in moment had a nuts are now jim with Well into wall of whiskey or reckon this straight go off and not be clubby taught area and when we were sitting at the front of the shop that just the the the brewery just recently that could citing the the front in the cowpox against the covid stuff and by sri denzil down covered. But i think it's on good like we said their assignment. Those just offs brass almost the pills known that is a little bit more golden than the previous definitely. Look that will listen.

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