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But are you looking forward to this even more get ready brice yourself watchmen tv series coming to hate each be that was the that's the watchmen than everyone wanted for many many years yeah i can an icbm sears and it will sign it before game of thrones before before watchmen the movie four entourage before entourage movie and the table thousand in 300 whenever ought to rush todd i think so for sex and the city of what from like ninety seven now and that's actually possible i met more that the people have been asking for this before i just started doing game of thrones and all we sifi fantasy genre yes it was all i said that like i know you people try to adapt and i think terry gilliam news rod to do it at one sorry that was very to tear it yet what i meant was most two terry williams films look at it but i think he said something to the effect of its it it shouldn't be i like the adventures of mon chessen i haven't say okay only movie of his i've seen as brazil and a height of the hits but the the thing that people were kind of being bit cautious about is that it's diamond lindelof who didn't lost right and people were done like lost and you may end of wild that's not sure a lot of people very dissatisfied without wrapped up even when when breaking bad finishing era enjoyed that so much they then took to twitter to insult dime heavy height this is how you had to say on the air but i i i think that's i think it's good and i think it's also an opportunity to.

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