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Okay. Speaking of someone I just thought about her the other day just driving over to the movie from last night. I thought what has happened to Cameron Diaz? Okay. Yeah. But according to star magazine, they said Cameron and Benji Madden and are in separate bedrooms. And she really has kind of fallen off face the earth. Yeah. Maybe he's working in some movie. We don't know about it. But they said gig reads good morning angel. It's been weeks. Cameron Diaz heard those words from her hubby Benji, man. Like, how do you know what he says the morning, according to star sources tattle that the Mary twosome are sleeping in separate bedrooms since thirty nine year old music man's wife. Who's forty six seems to have a case of the blues after they got married in Cameron stopped acting. She no longer cares for her. Looks squeals a source. She never gets hurt on for instance. And sometimes just doesn't bays. She'll often just sit there in the garden and stare at the sky Benji feels like she's never really found a purpose when she gave up acting and that she needs more to do. I don't think she give up acting give it back thing. I didn't hear what's the last thing. She's been in. I mean, what would you have? If you're not a mom when you giving up acting for just think the roles of kind of just not are not as often. I think the last thing she did was bad teacher has a long time ago. She said she retired. Oh, she did. What you looked up to him? Boom. I did. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I showed Heather. Anyway, they try to do Ivy f but apparently Cameron is losing hope they sleep in separate veget- bedrooms. But veggie feels guilty. Isn't there? Another man who's married to a famous curl to Nicole Richie. Cole vici was identical looking daughter over that. And they are they are banned. Right. Good, charlotte. But I don't think they really hang out brothers anymore back together again. Yeah. Good good for them. Well, I love this because they did this exact same article. When Megan Markle was engaged, and it was how fun it's going to be for Kate to set up her baby shower. Happening efforts there like the way it reads. It's like Kate Middleton is throwing good mauka thirty seven baby shower for at the princess's Kensington Palace. They say she might too. So far, I'm house, but she's thinking might be easier to host it at the king's palace apartment. And I'm like first of all you're planning it in means so much Megan that she's organizing the whole thing on the staff of twelve like, a really organ, you're really calling someone in LA. No, it's it's Kate. It's Princess Kate. I'm friends with your own dear friend, Megan Markle. She loved have you had the baby how their Email. I can send an e vite save the date like come on like they're gonna play down on the table for twelve. Donnette after put a car tab. Do. I. Come on this baby shower, not fucking happening. And if it is it's like all set, but they said that how do you say this girl's name your favorite prianti, Priyanka Chopra pre-owneds show pra. She's kids. Yes. Yes. What's quantum? Quite quite controversial why because she's an Indian. Why is it controversial?.

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