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I'm Jim Sharpe President Trump trying to, deal with. That storm around him right now talking about his former attorney he's been a lawyer from me didn't do big deals at small deals the storm everybody's really watching as. To why, that is not the place to be on vacation right, now on the latest on that powerful storm bearing down on the big island in fact it's our top. Story and here's Jeremy foster hurricane lane getting dangerously close to the Hawaiian islands and could be the biggest storm scene there since nineteen Ninety-two KTAR's Jim cross joins us live with, the latest Jim Germany someplace is already nine or ten inches of rain up to thirty. Expected in some locations hurricane. Nikki in September ninety two the strongest ever strike away six. People die at three billion damage, the star very strong moving at ASU climate expert Randy survey says terms of this magnitude rare? Search coastal flooding that. As this thing gets closer it pushes up waves that will. Inundate, the coastal areas particularly of the southern parts for why so flooding coastal flooding that'd, be one of the real. Estate Now FEMA as. Several barges carrying food water supplies, ready to roll LAN US navy has moved its ships and subs now out of Pearl Harbor? This morning live in. The news center Jim cross KTAR news Thank you Jim it is eight thirty one. In every six minutes on Arizona's morning news we. Check traffic here's detour Dan now. From the valley Chevy dealers traffic center thank you sir unfortunately picked up some more business on, the, old freeway crash. Department here we've got a new, wreck that's come in you may have heard me, talking we had a wreck on the two remount free at forty four th, street near the one. Forty three it cleared and as soon as it, cleared another crash popped up on the one forty three the Holcombe expressway northbound just. Approaching. University and it is blocking the number one high speed left lane you've also got a crash on the westbound zero. Two red mountain freeway that has not cleared yet at McClintock that wreck remains, off right and so does the crash in the. Downtown eastbound I, ten at sixteenth street that collision also off to the right you still got, a couple of service street collisions to southern west of. Krizman Greenway east of, the seventeen and fifty sixth street in Indian school..

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