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They didn't draft him, but Darius Hayward bay was a Boston till he got there, and then they kind of fixed them. Right. Right? So yeah, I think overall they talked about this yesterday and I think this is a players aside. And I know that's kind of unfair to do because the draft is all about the players, but when you look at the Patriots approach, I like it. All floor on day one all sealing on day two. I think that's the right way to draft. Now you can say, did they take the right floor guys? Did they take the right ceiling, guys? We can have the debate. I would argue that you look at the receivers on the board and I know people like sky more and I think if they were going for floor sky more as the guy, they also may have wanted the outside guy versus the slide. He came down to. I think that's part of it, but I know people like George pickens, right? I'm trying to think of who the other top receivers were on the board at that point. But did any of them have these ceiling or the taekwon Thornton does? That's tough to say. 6 two four two 8 with his body control. That guy, if he figures it out, that's a perennial thousand yard receiver. I mean, that's bigger brief. The comp I love for him is like slightly bigger Brandon cooks. So this was another one that they wanted that outside. I think it came down to two things though. And number one, macro could not have been more clear in his press conference last night when we spoke to him at around 1215 at night after the second round after the third round, excuse me. Speed. They wanted speed. And I think they looked at sky more allocators, George pickens, and they said, okay, those guys got good speed for their size, right? Especially piers and pickens..

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