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For right now, on this Monday, former insider at the Joshua Powell associations former number two guy has written a tell all book to expose the national Eyeful Association for mismanagement, Powell tells NBC's chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas, the fundraising lined the pockets of the head of the organization, Wayne LaPierre. Power is now in a war with the powerful gun lobby and recalls being in the room with other in our leaders when the horrific Parkland high School massacre and other mass shootings happened, all I really thought about was that checklist. How many people were shot? What was the gun? If it's an air 15, that's gonna be a bigger problem than Palace, also accusing Honore leaders of decades worth of mismanagement and fraud. A few pour gas on the fire. And you tell people enough that the jack booted thugs are coming and they're gonna confiscate your guns. It's easy to raise money off of them. Pal is one of the officials who are under investigation right now by the New York state attorney general for fraud. The Ohio State Patrol is investigating that fatal weekend accident that left motorist dead in about a via township 49 year old Gerry Fields, the second traveling the wrong way on eastbound state route. 32 potato BIA. It happened early yesterday morning he collided with another vehicle fields died at the scene. The other driver hospitalized with serious injuries. A Dayton, Ohio, woman walking her dog on the bike path downtown near the main street bridge came across a body in the river yesterday, the corner working on the cause of death and the identity. Wall Street markets are closed today because of the Labor Day holiday. Reds update The pirates came from behind to win 3 to 2 the red splitting the four game seriously take today off and play again tomorrow. FC Cincinnati Having trouble finding the net they lost last night to Columbus. Three nil and basketball fans are mourning the loss of Dwight Anderson, known as Dayton's greatest basketball player. He became one of the best that came out of the University of Kentucky. He passed away over the weekend at the age of 59 was known as the nickname the Blur. He starred for UK before transferring to USC to finish his college career, then was drafted by the Washington Bullets played for the Denver Nuggets were expecting report from the Montgomery County corner to tell us what his cause of death was funeral arrangements. For Dwight Anderson are pending. Our Sandy Collins Our next update at 11 30 on NewsRadio 700 wlw moms give your porch the perfect pop of color, making them an awesome way to bring fall home. This labor Day lows is here to help you make a statement with colorful three court moms for the front porch or anywhere to for just 10 bucks and for another 10 bucks get four bags.

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