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I do, I'm a roast, do you like okay and I was like, I don't know what to say and I was such a big fan of yours and I was like hey I wrote a joke about you and then you're like, what's that? And I was like God that you were voted most likely to Skip Leg Day in high school, right? Like you didn't laugh at all and to me like this like serious and I just like Moon walked away. Like all right man. Well known Meeting you. You remember? I said, no, no. Very briefly know, I'm sorry. Okay. Yeah, cuz I, like, and that did not go well at all. Like, you know, so many people will give them shit about leg day. That's why he didn't remember it to this address, you're stupid. Like they are jokes. I mean, like yeah, become a very good leg day or your jokes need offended, or like, oh wow. That's the new. What? I've heard that one before a good point. Now you're hard to make fun of you are hardly, you're also like a nice person, and, and also have so many questions. So, you grew up in Brooklyn, and they Chicago. Yeah. Now were you when you were like, when you were twelve, was it hard to adjust? Or were you like to cool kid from New York with the Haitian accent? Like, talk to me? Walk over for booking. Chicago is definitely a hard adjustment. I mean going and I went from like living in a city like Brooklyn or or New York too. It's like the suburbs of Chicago. It's like that was like a huge name. A difference there in itself and then like going to school with some of these kids that like knew each other. Since they were in grade school like Elementary School, that was completely shocking. For me, like I was like, literally The Whole Bowl in the group, like all these kids went together from like kindergarten, all the same grade in Harry and the new guy that talks funny and it took a lot of get adjusted to that..

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