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I mean for somebody from Leeds, I guess it's not not surprising but you know, they got a good team and their team is good enough to keep up with, you know, Liverpool Man City. I mean, we'll we'll definitely see what happens. But yeah, they managed to get out of man city with a point. Let's see Newcastle United three Burnley one then yesterday. We had Southampton to West Brom one Lesser City 0 West Ham 3 Arsenal to Sheffield United one Wolves beat Fulham 120 and then these last two matches man. I don't even know I don't know what happened got Manchester United won Tottenham six. Now only going to show Oleg Gunner Soul Char. It seems like he's always on the hot sauce have a terrible game like this whether it's in a European competition or competition or whatever and he's on the hot seat and then he'll come back and beat Man City V Liverpool or something like that and then he'll be fine for like another another month or whatever but that's cooler is crazy. And Tottenham is not that good of a team now, I was listening to soccer stupid earlier and I'll get into this when I talk about the the next match but Arsenal is my team. I wanted to let Joe Allen Louis know that off. Not a man city fan. Yes, I use them when I play FIFA cuz you know the formation they have and the players they have it always works out for me. I'm not a man city fan. I'm a gunner stand. Now. I'm off to understand after Stuttgart of course Dugard is my club. But in the EPL, I support Arsenal, I guess you can say I'm a gunner but do not support mancity. Just absolutely hate Liverpool..

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