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And that's ok. Lady Christine details. No bite your tongue freak. Oh. Come on. Yeah. Anyway, it's no I don't want to hear from him again. All right. Well, you know, what if he's cute freak? Oh, he he he's relentless. He's going to call back. What's up soup? Hi, I really wanted to gong him like four times does that mean bang gong. No like the dog show like the kids are saying bang now like I wanna gong the hell out of that guide. Let him from behind. Got him off the get in the heck off the radio. Do get them off radio. Gotcha. Thank you for your opinion. I do I I didn't know you found him so desirable. But I appreciate that seventy seven five seven nine hundred zero five Tom what's up? Man. I just had to say something. I I am just so people looking for a handout the guy said at times, but I just want to do something. That's easy make the money. I mean, he needs to be Parchin o'clock driving a truck, or, you know, baggage are anything other than he does it bring anything to the table. He doesn't bring anything to my God the guy do a free ride. Look, the they could have said the same thing about me before. I started radio. I didn't I didn't know what I brought to the table. You. Learn these kids things you adapt. You get skills. You get in here with us. And then, you know, we'll we'll help you hold. You find yourself. Sure, I could I could place you in another market, like Las Vegas, Nevada like, Chicago, Illinois. What kingmaker is that? What does that? Yeah. My people that drew Grabow tree. You said it yourself. Did you Grabow talent tree has has blossomed many a fruit? Yeah. Being sarcastic. I mean, we've placed Kayla in Las Vegas without my knowledge and. Nikki up in Chicago and get help. Nick rains.

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