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You know a level of of I. Don't mean this in a negative way you lose. It makes it harder to respect the person when you don't know them, you know. And and you multiply that a million times over in this country I mean maybe that has something to do culturally where we are I, mean maybe what we need really is more community we need to talk and engage with. People were upper. We need to be less insulated. You know right in the hope. Is that will? That will lead to a level of respect that we that we haven't seen. In quite a long time. And, then I gotta pull you away from the conversation. Real quick. I WANNA talk about two events that we had to postpone. One is the legacy event? That's the father son event for men with boys between the ages of eight to fifteen, that one is going to be held on September third through the sixth with some cancellations and some timing issues had free. Few free spots come available for that again in September third through the six. It's the legacy event, so if you have a boy between the ages of eight to fifteen. You're definitely WANNA. Check that one out. We've got believe. Six spots left for that event. It's father-son event unlike anything you've ever experienced physical. Physical mental emotional is all designed to help you forged deeper bond with your son. Equip him with the tools. He needs to thrive in his life. As he matures and becomes a young man becomes a man. He goes out on his own. The other event is the main event one hundred men coming to my property here in Maine. We're going to be talking about our battle plans and what we want to accomplish, and holding each other accountable and formulating plans and getting everything dialed in, so we can produce more in the last quarter of. Of this year than potentially you ever have in your entire life, so you're interested in that we have also six spots left for that, and that is October ninth through the Eleventh October ninth through the Eleventh, so it's beautiful here in Maine in the fall, and not only that you're gonna get to band with other men who are motivated ambitious. Who WanNa win? Who Want to thrive and we'll help you do the same, so that main event is October ninth through the eleventh. If you want, sign up for either one of those events, the. The legacy event father-son event these order dot com slash legacy..

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