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Over that. Farside Pederson put it to the net. Didn't get through bounces out to the near point Adler held it in Besser on the nearside running to bypass it. Loose puck on the near wall. Bear cheat. Looking in front Pederson. There has ruled Rishaad scores. Elliot's Pederson is tied the game at one with a power play goal for Vancouver five twelve left in the second. Panthers pressure pressure pressure, and Colton sceviour was on the other side of forward. And they got caught a position left out. Process pass available, and it goes from bottom of the left. Faceoff circle to the top of the right faceoff circle. To Pederson Pederson gathers it on his backhand. And then just let's twisted restaurant, Ohio to the glove of James Varner. That's a problem. Sometimes when you have that real aggressive penalty kill the opposition gains control of it. They're going to have some passing options in passing lanes. Pedersen gets his eight points on the season on the power play. Credit where it's due. What a shop was from the nineteen year old. He's got all the tools in the world you go back to the last game. Or the Panthers were dominating Columbus in the second period. Got the lead. Petrovic stricter the penalty get Columbus and the Panthers get that opening goal then the very next shift for brower takes an offensive zone penalty. And they capitalize. Gotta gotta be careful squashes that momentum is Vancouver bounces back immediately with the power play. That's tough. But when you get that goal that next shift is so important. I also thought there could have been a penalty Apulia for cross-checking wasn't called. But he got to stay disciplined and try and keep that momentum on your side. So back to where we were with game tied up now seven left in the second Vancouver is taken over leading the shots by eighteen sixteen margin. That was the fourth power play. Try for Vancouver in the game. It's been seven combined power plays in the game. Now. That was a heck of a Russia that was blistered. Upstairs where there wasn't a whole lot of room name for no. He picked his spot in this game tied at one. Now the puck played out to the neutral zone. All kinds of. NHL marks. The Pederson is creeping up on as far as this hot stories on for being a rookie became the eighth player in the last thirty years to have eight points in his first five games. That's pretty impressive numbers. Now. We've got another penalty on the plate. I guess what was going to go against Vancouver..

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