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I mean what do you WanNa leave your opponent with really manages. Respect all the way around we'll lose Jocelyn every just a refi by heart train hard to me but that's really it may. I don't want anybody thinks it should is a fight. Not as a sport. I'M GONNA try to knock you out. It's still a show on love we know is that I saw. That's really it and like a lot of times it's not a it's not viewed that way and it should be make. I make sure you look at boxing in that light. You know you can't tell the people you want to go into the ring and Talk Shit. We like grab the MIC and call Eh. I don't approach it that way. Majesty's Take Your Business More study sport in Los Angeles and still fuck out. I'm not GonNa talk a whole bunch of sheets for sure for sure. Well there you have it ladies and gents Morocco Joe. He's going to be fighting on board awards. February worry twenty ninth in Dallas Texas versus supermax. WanNa thank everybody. The tuned in and stay okay to for the next episode of border wars unguarded as we still have a few other fighters to get to I see mission impossible in the trash. Shout out to you brother other. I might have five for you man. Hopefully you answer me back on instagram already. And you can let me know that fight weight because I got somebody that will do one seventy they ready to rock and roll. Ah but that'd be set as GTO INSTAGRAM and twitter Morocco. Any social media. And I guess I'll on here I don't I don't fuck with that. You all right but we could be expecting when the Patriots suspect that Sparring Shit GimMe Light because I'm out of town. Not Maybe this week sometime this week at Thursday they have ladies and gents. We're GONNA have awesome spinal miraculous. Joe Pretty similar chairs. All right brother will take it easy. Thank you so much there. You have reason Jen's that's border wars Remember February Twenty Ninth February twenty nine at Scotland down do say..

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