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Affinity between Russian Israel it's new in our lifetime we can remember when things were very bad let's go to line target because of the Jewish immigration problem but more Jews go back to rush I think this is true I should make it as a scholar I should state state state something I don't know to be an absolute fact but I have the impression that more Jews return to Russia then and then leave one is Jewish people were born in Iran and live there too yeah let's go to win in Chicago go ahead Wayne yeah thank you George as a writer question how anybody see the live Russians were on all of our orders Jewish right there IRA at our borders not happy they would be happy right so you know Georgia United States needs to to first of all it's back from the Russian borders has to stand up to all of the parents are Russian people because we have to remember that like ninety seven percent of all the media in the United States is controlled by like she's corporations so we're good military industrial complex is not war peace with Russia so sorry continue to create weapons of war but you may have hit on something right there way known Steve the something we haven't talked about but as Eisenhower warned when he was leaving office be wary of the industrial military complex I could be a big reason all this is still happening well the Russians K. are certainly produces lucrative contracts for weapons manufacturers and let's add something that's often overlooked NATO like pac man has gobbled up all these countries of Europe all the way to Russia's borders right every time the country joins NATO it hatched by NATO approve weapons that's right and that's produced by American weapons makers so it's big business huge business huge business and then the the the sale of some of these weapons illegally is huge just as well these arms to these other third world nations that the these people are getting weapons and guns that's going to be a huge business but I mean the most fantastic story people could go click the trump is taking a hit for delaying the shipment of about something under four hundred million dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine right which they claim is snickering needs in order to ward off for flight Russia correct he's being listed on this and for some reason the obvious answer is forced it's a bad idea to send weapons to Ukraine to fight with Russia because what we want to do is promote preach peace process that the new Ukrainian young former comedian everybody says president Zelinsky got elected he was kind of a McGovern Cantonese before but he got elected and Washington's getting in his way of negotiating an end of the war in the done box he should be left alone that was his mandate you follow what I'm absolutely I mean he was I I've always say you know say give me was kind of like a McGovern only got elected with like seventy plus percent so that needs to be encouraged but this mess between Biden and trump and all the rest is perpetuating the danger of war the last thing you cleaned the just war weapons its warehouses are full of weapons and that's the real story here it's it's it's the old should we as a nation provide four hundred million dollars and weaponry to a nation that would really take off Putin and everybody else in Russia and could lead to I mean you know you cream has hot heads Russia has hot has their eyeball to eyeball I mean it could lead to shoot I mean people can die as a result of this policy so I think that Zielinski who came to power promising peace with Russia that's between Israel and ski improvements has compelling reasons to in Warrington box against your core compelling reasons at all he wants to in that war Lewinski once in the war why should Washington support that process good point we're gonna come back and take final phone calls with you Stephen in just a moment on coast to coast Stephen Cohen the foremost expert folks on Russia bar none we'll be back sign up tune for coast's own our free email newsletter get it today it coast to coast AM dot com radio you've got all kinds of hustle like get the job done hustle and get the kids out the door hustle if you've got hustle university.

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