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Easy drinking lots of water taking frequent breaks. I'm storm Team four meteorologist Amelia Draper and right now 90 degrees in Washington. Some parts of our area could be down into the eighties and seventies late tonight. It's great to have you here at 8 11 Quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn't know it at the time. But he triggered a nationwide racial justice movement when he first sat and then knelt during San Francisco 40 Niners games in 2016 during the national anthem to protest police brutality and killings of people of color fast forward to now and in many corners. Kaepernick is revered as a hero in the latest episode of Our Podcast Colors, a dialogue on race in America with J. J. Green and Chris Core, Steve White Shove NFL network tell J. J Kaepernick is not sitting back and gloating, you know, Look, Captain. Very quiet. You have not seen him much on social media. You have not heard him saying anything. He's watching this play out. Very, very smart guy. Incredibly smart guy. A quiet guy, and I don't think he's the type of guy sitting back saying, I told you show or you want to take credit for people being in the street right now. I don't think he's about that. I think he is about again and knowing his character and where his heart is in the things he has said to me, you know? Well before now, I think he's more about Let's get this situation fixed. Let's put the bad cops in jail. Let's stop. The police brutality lets change policing. So some cop who's having a bad day. Who's hopped up or who basically views black and brown people as criminals before human beings. Let's fix that. What are your thoughts about what? You've seen the massive protests? Not just here in the U. S. But around the world that have seen people emulating him taking a knee, taking a very out spoken stance without really saying much as you say, he's a very quiet guy. What have you seen And what do you see now, when you compare then and now I don't want to take the trendsetter because I think that would be disrespectful to people like Tommie Smith and John Carlos and Mohammad Ali and Jim Brown and Kareem Abdul Jabbar until many other people who have been speaking out for years at the same time, you know when Colin was first kept from working in the NFL, and people were sponsors were threatening teems with. You know what's wrong. If their players Neil, he's going to end up on the right side of history, right? His conviction. You sacrifice in the way he did lead to people feeling very fearless and much more comfortable now and doing what they've done needs that needs to be applauded. Do you get the sense that the NFL has turned the page? Oh, man. Okay, I get it from outside of ST Louis, Missouri, is the show me state. There's a whole lot that there's a whole lot of positive chatter. There's a whole lot of encouraging statement. But until until I see some something now, I will say this in terms of player behavior. Absolutely. I've seen change their people in the front lines mean Matt Ryan down in Atlanta. Carson went time, Matthew. I mean, these people are about right in that aspect, I should say yes, the NFL I don't have put some things in place, even at my network. We're putting different hiring and promotional practices in place for to include diversity because there just are no shot callers and decision makers of color in our own house. And so from there, yes, but 32 owners. It is a wait and see type of, you know, Situation Steve White Shove NFL Network on Colin Kaepernick and social justice here a lot more in the new episode of the Podcast Colors are dying. Log on race in America on Apple podcast podcast one Spotify or wherever you get your pods we hear about police reform. What about prosecutors? W T. O p. S Neil Augustine sat down with several new prosecutors from Northern Virginia about the problem of systemic racism in the criminal justice system and our new Siri's and justice for.

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