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Coulter it's been another bleak day on Wall Street after a rally yesterday coronavirus jitters returned and sent stocks plunging more than fourteen hundred points in the Dow market analyst Eugene Peroni right now the motion is really guiding the market fear is gripping the investor psyche and so often times that means that there's a lot of rational behavior nasdaq is down three eighty nine it's a global pandemic that's the latest world health organisation assessment of the corona virus Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus says they've sounded the alarm loud and clear deeply concerned most by the alarming levels of spread and severity and by the alarming levels of inaction in Washington state where there are already two hundred sixty eight cases it was just announced that Seattle public schools will close for two weeks and governor Jay Inslee's taking another step to slow the spread of the virus certain events in king Snohomish and Pierce county with more than two hundred fifty people are prohibited by order of the governor president trump told reporters he make a statement on the federal response to the outbreak tonight the White House and house Democrats have not yet reached a deal for a second coronavirus funding bill time is running out for Congress to address a corona virus relief bill before lawmakers leave town for a week house speaker Nancy Pelosi and treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin have met to try to lay the groundwork for a second code nineteen bill but there is disagreement on what should be in it Democrats on the hill want to focus on programs like unemployment insurance and paid sick leave while the white house's effort has been to focus on broader economic relief bill Rakoff CBS news Capitol Hill Bernie Sanders concedes it was a disappointing performance in yesterday's many super Tuesday voting last night obviously was not a good night for our campaign from a delegate point of view we lost in the largest state up for grabs yesterday the state of Michigan but he's battling to remain in the democratic presidential race and says he looks forward to the upcoming debate with Joe Biden in Arizona former movie producer and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein may spend the rest of his life in prison he was sentenced to twenty three years by a New York judge today W. C. B. S.'s Marla diamond Weinstein in a wheelchair turned to face the six women who testified against him sitting in the front row he said he was confused he thought they had friendly relationships and felt remorse in his heart again the Dow is down fourteen hundred and sixty seven points this is CBS news brought to you by the Capital One venture card when you are an unlimited double miles on every purchase your next trip is closer than you think what's in your wallet your new life and this is WCBS newsradio eight eight a radio dot com station good afternoon sunny fifty five degrees in New York it'll be cloudy tonight low forty three tomorrow partly cloudy high fifty two with the possibility of some rain tomorrow night fifty five now at four oh three at W. C. B. S. there are thirty nine new cases of corona virus in New York state for a total of two hundred twelve that includes one hundred twenty one in Westchester forty eight in the city twenty eight Nassau six in Suffolk and six in Rockland county's governor Cuomo has announced.

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