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It hated everything about it and it passed obviously And i propose that maybe we just released the wolves down on Downtown denver. i thought so is it. Sixteenth street malls our to this. Yes yeah i thought we should just turn them loose down on the sixteenth street mall. There's no cattle there for them to mess with so they might clean up the streets a little bit down there. Maybe the wolves can do. What mayor hancock. Can't i think that could be a good idea. But but all that being said it is pretty damn cool to see him out in the wild like any any like why animal lover like wildlife lover would really like see those photos. They're awesome but there's a lot of repercussions to come along with them. Sure i mean. I know brady's probably likes it See this is the thing brady brady loves wolves. They're ready to no doubt yeah. Tattoo tattoo wolf. Yeah i haven't seen it. No tanner where. I tell my art. Okay so i didn't want to ask you but no literally on my own. I'm not very attentive. But no even brady's i hey i love wolves but this is kind of dumb about the other things that come into this but Those pictures that have you seen the pictures. I looked at other pretty cute they are. They're pretty cool. They're pretty cool for sure i want. I just one. I want to tame one. That's all i want. I got two german shepherds. That's close but Nine fifty on the ten. Let's get a break. We'll come back on the other side. Wrap up our number one of noko now right here on northern cowardice voice. One of three one at thirteen ten kfi came..

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