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I every ten minutes, traffic and weather together in for Brian Noble's, KFI UK's Dana has very much, Dan. And right now everything looking at really optimum Jorda keep using. It is going to be a great drive at this moment. Roseville split on westbound eighty got eight minutes and then another seven minutes split to downtown on westbound camp city outgrowth to downtown northbound I five twelve minute drive all show on ninety nine twelve minutes. Folsom to downtown. Westbound fifty is twenty minutes. Nothing to slow you down there at all again, see C H B. And also, the national weather service saying there is some fog and areas out there just be aware. Otherwise would learn to downtown southbound I five sixteen minutes, and it's just an eleven minute drive out of Davison Mace boulevard to downtown eastbound eighty to fifty and then their yard. I five next report is coming up at six ten with traffic every ten minutes. I'm data Hess. Newsradio K K. Little cool out there this Tuesday morning with some patchy fog as well. Partly sunny skies by lunchtime. Temperatures in the mid fifties. Warming up to sixty two degrees by three three meteorologist, Linh Trung NewsRadio. Or I think you'll end we've got forty nine and Cal expo Carmichael fifty degrees, and it's forty nine eight Sacramento six oh, two is the time on NewsRadio KF. Okay. The largest utility in the United States has filed for bankruptcy as it faces billions of dollars in potential damages from wildfires in California. He genie file documents in the US court early this morning seeking chapter eleven reorganization. The move comes despite state investigators determining last week that the utilities equipment was not to blame. For a two thousand seventeen fire that killed twenty two people in northern California wine country company cited hundreds of lawsuits from victims of that fire and others in two thousand seventeen and also last year when announced this month that it planned to file for bankruptcy. It's already facing lawsuits over the campfire killed at least eighty six people and destroyed fifteen thousand homes, although it's cause is still under investigation in PG..

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