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You know, Marianne really got justice on that whole thing there. Marianne just gets at the end, and Marianne That's not fair. It's really not fair, uh, Mark Harmon's in sports Central over W Generating sports. Carm, you grew up a Marianne guy or a ginger guy. I mean, who didn't love Mary Ann and Ginger. But that's true. I mean, come on, That's sure. But if I had to pick between Mary Ann and Ginger, just, you know, have a cup of coffee with. Hang out. Maybe going to stroll in the park more. Marianne Moore. Marianne. Well, this is very sad day for you, my friend, Dawn Wells. Passed away from covert related symptoms Today I know the end of an era She was 82 years old. The great run. Did he choose good. 82 is good. And Gilligan's Island will live forever. All that did you grow up watching Gilligan's? I don't like it. Was that a ritual for you? I remember watching you quite a bit. I don't know when it was on, so I'm guessing I watch it in reruns. Don't think I watched it like on Tuesday nights on ABC or something like that. But were you fired up for a Gilligan's Island wasn't fired up and I would stop and watching Gilligan's Island for sure. It was always very frustrating when they had a way to finally get off the island. And then you know the Harlem Globetrotters show up and suddenly there off the island, and these guys were still stuck there that got a little annoying feel like they had great lessons and Gilligan's Island and I need to go back and learn what they were really trying to teach me. What I don't understand is they had like a pool table, and then he's a great huts, and they had all this stuff in them. I saw the picture of the beginning. There's a relatively small hole in that boat. We can't figure out how to patch that thing up and shove it back in the water. I mean, it wasn't destroyed in a million pieces that had a hole in the hole. I think that they wanted to hang on Gilligan's Island, and I'm kind of debating in my head right now, if I could sign up that just My life is on an island. It's nice every day and I drink out of you have some coconuts and whatnot. That doesn't seem terrible. When you love to be on Gilligan's Island during this pandemic, right, come on, Perfect. So maybe there was like an ultra sinister thing here where the professor thought I will never have a chance to hang out with two gorgeous women like Mary Ann and Ginger again in my life, so I'm just not going to save it. Simply, eventually one of them fall in love with me. Then I'll fix the boat. I mean, I would have been paying attention with the professor was doing. I would have been dead within bird dog and Gilligan and I would And then that would been, you know, scheming. How can I Who is realistic to accomplish here on Gilligan's Island. I wonder if they remade it. Well, if they remade it now, after year, they'll of skin cancer and probably dying be so it's settled. Come be, um, what a millionaire resonate as much. Because we hear so much about billionaires these days. Yeah, So would it be with a millionaire Be like, million? That's great and all but forgot about the house for a second. Really Don't know what would probably be billionaires, though. This state that have to be billionaires, right? The house definitely owned a Bitcoin. I'm sensing a remake. Aren't you surprised that that has you know? Heidi Stevens was just talking about her and her daughter. I didn't even know there was a remake of one day at a time. I love one day at a time. The original with Bonnie Franklin. Yes. Uh, my A great celebrity story of mine is sort of, so I used to work for Danny. But a duty in Detroit produces radio shows what 20 years ago. And Um What was it that Drew Carey says that such a weird story? So Drew Carey. Collects. Weird out takes and tapes from people like stuff. People have never seen weird stuff. He told the anybody duty that he had a tape. So Danny Bonaduce cheese Dad was a television writer. And he wrote for shows like one day at a time. Another show, Okay? And there was a week where he had written whatever script and Bonnie Franklin starve one day at a time, wanted to change something within the script. And apparently Danny's dad said to her, Bonnie, I want you to think of my scripts as commandments. They are written in stone. Wow, something like that. Okay, And he's like, okay, I'll do it your way all week during rehearsal. She doesn't her way there. Taping the show. She does it her way. He comes out of the crowd and grabs her and starts like holding her up against the wall, like shaking her some crazy story that apparently Drew Carey, hasn't it? Why was he doing that? He was a writer on the show, and she changed it when they take that, Okay? I didn't. I missed her way. Okay. Okay. Mr. She rehearsed. It is well weekend. They did her way during the show, and he came out of the crowd apparently went up on stage and grabbed her. That's aggressive. I thought that Mackenzie Phillips was the problem on that show. She was, apparently, is Danny Bonaduce. Geez, Dad, You don't want to get too married to your writing. What the actors. It's a big, I'm sure it's a big struggle for many writers. You know you sell the book and then they go do what they want with it. You hope that there was a good check involved through into 981 72. 100 Ed is on. Hey at how are you? I'm good. What's going on? Well, you're talking about the snow and I come in and you know Talking like they're ready. But they weren't ready. And as I said, you could be as ready as you want. But you can't plow the snow until it snows on. I get that, but, you know, But there are a lot of our like yesterday. Um you know it. Just it comes with the answer to an hour. And there's no way that Oh, get it done while all the traffic there so, but usually they're out there with the traffic holding up traffic or holding a plane. You gotta be careful. I just didn't see anything. L last night. I was surprised. You think it's just it came down so fast so quick. There was no way they could keep up. Yeah. And if they happened, you know been on another section of highway. If something, you know, then they get behind all that traffic and then that you know, they just can't do it. It's It's a like a catch. 22. You're gonna if you had enough men and equipment to do it. Everybody be bitching about. Well, you know people down last night. What are they doing out there? Just wait till it falls. I got you had good points. I appreciate it. You drive safely Certain Kathy's on 7 20. W G N Hello, Kathy. I care how you I'm gonna real Good. Thank you. You know you were talking about the snow and all that building up on the expressway and whatever. Yes, Well, I have to tell you I live in the 6600 black of North Harlem Avenue. I'm right across from ST Albert's Cemetery. You know, I don't know if you want to call it Edison Park or whatever. But when that first snowflake cell Plows were out there were there were so fast they were catching them before they hit the ground. Just about you know, I don't know if we have to thank Alderman Napolitano for this. He's our alderman. He has taken care of this neighborhood since I've been here, which is about 20 some years. But I'll tell you he did a fantastic job on these streets. All right. That sounds good. Thank you. Missile. Thank you made when it was great. I mean, we had no problem getting in or out. No. So, like I say we need more people like him around. Are you related to the altar and Kathy? Not at all. Okay. Just make sure you want to make sure it is Chicago. All right, Cathy. Thank you so much for calling in an endorsement for Alderman Napolitano. Well, thank you. Good job, So I don't know how much he had.

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