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From PRX I'm Jennifer Hickson this next story is from Alexander Rosi's who we first discovered on the moth pitch line she's from the Milwaukee area I told the story for us at a show in Oklahoma here's Alexandra live at the mall it's thanksgiving nineteen sixty five I'm barely five years old my family has just immigrated to the United States from Columbia South America alright it gets better my mother wants to assimilate quickly and she hits the ground running I mean her English is strong and she gets a good job right away my father spends his Sunday afternoons at brown deer park it's a bicycle race track in my brother and my father has his beautiful silver chain Ellie bike it's the only thing that he's brought from Columbia with them and he races there now my mother wants to do what all Americans are doing on that day she wants to celebrate thanksgiving my father doesn't understand but when my mother asks him to go to the store and get groceries he does as he's about to leave I hear them having allow discussion something about his job no I love my father but with five brothers and sisters I have to find a way to get him to myself so I become his voice his translator and he takes me everywhere we're getting ready to go and I'm so excited because Aaron day with my father means that I get him to myself and we also both get a special treat we stop at a tavern now before you start feeling sorry for me I'm from Milwaukee Wisconsin you take your kids to taverns and in the sixties there's a tab around every corner and their places that feel more like living rooms than anywhere else and they have fantastic names like trucks place George is on the tracks Ted and baddies my favorite the office because you can lie about where you are but you're still telling the truth so I love that place I love taverns my dad gets his special treats a tap beer and I get my full.

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