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You wherever you go right now right Congress back to work I'm only at Francis the twenty twenty democratic presidential contest is now focused on South Carolina where candidates are getting set for tonight's tenth debate in Charleston Constantinopolitan it is a close race here in South Carolina according to a couple polls with Joe Biden maintaining only that is vital for him to go on here in Charleston Democrats will debate hot on the heels of dividers form now it's Bernie Sanders in the overall front runner role CNN is hosting the candidates for town halls if you look at just polls that came out a few days ago on Sunday that was CBS I am beating trump in Michigan beating trump in Pennsylvania where ever Sanders gets his polling numbers real clear politics has him on average ahead of president trump by five percent in Michigan Sanders at three percent in Pennsylvania Bob Costantini Charleston the White House the Senate lawmakers a two point five billion dollar budget plan to address the deadly coronavirus on break budget office claims the funds are for vaccines treatment and protective equipment concourse gets back to work this week after a seven day recess Linda Kenyon has a look ahead the house votes this week on a measure to make lynching a federal hate crime also on the agenda is a bill to ban the manufacturing and sale of flavored tobacco in the Senate members will take largely symbolic votes on two anti abortion bills one would ban late term abortions except in cases of medical peril for the mother the other bill would penalize doctors who do not provide adequate care to babies who survive abortions the votes are largely symbolic because they are not expected to reach the sixty vote hurdle required to proceed they come as the conservative political action conference holds its annual gathering starting Wednesday Linda Kenyon Washington China and South Korea have reported more cases of the corona virus that's been concentrated in northern Asia however concerns are growing about increasing clusters of that disease.

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