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The theft of an suv it was stolen from a home in the village of richfield early tuesday morning the suv was recovered in milwaukee where the arrests were made it was believed that some of the suspects committed the burglary to the rich field residents where the vehicle was stolen officials say the burglary happened shortly before twelve thirty a m at home and richfield the sheriff's office received a nine one one call after the victim's a sixty one year old and fifty a eight year old couple herded noise inside their home and subsequently confronted one of the suspects in an interior doorway of the home okay so this this is a home invasion is what's going on it you know late at night it's a little scary makes you kind of nervous something like this would happen here a neighbor said the homeowner chased the subject out of the house and discovered that his suv was missing i do have a bad habit of leaving might do car doors unlock with the garage door opener that's going to change the neighbor set a this is troubling in that the second type of incident like this in the last three weeks in the village of richfield washington county sheriff says he said the deputies responded to a burglary at her home miles away last month in that case the suspects didn't take the vehicle but they believes they did arrive at the home in a stolen car then he says um what they're seeing is people coming out um stealing cars to use in other crimes and then abandoning them and now they're they're looking to this wigan how does this tie back into milwaukee well okay the people that were arrested in connection with this um again they're from her from milwaukee um the suspects were arrested in milwaukee um that's where the suv was cut recovered so this is another one of these stories were woodard appears is happening is that just like idle though when you have a he spill and yes it initially it starts in the one area and then it kind of spreads out out what we are starting to see is the out of control crime in the city of milwaukee is now spreading to the suburbs i had a story that i've damn gotten around talking about but how shorewood which you think of think of.

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