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The only thing I thought that maybe you should have done was use your wrestling more, you know? I had you up, I had you up going to the 5th, to be honest. Yeah, you're right, you know, and the judges had me up three to one going into the 5th and I was winning the 5th round and you know I slipped on a banana peel and hit the ground, but you know what? We fight, we're fighters. This is in volleyball. We don't play for points. We play for consciousness. And I signed up to either remove guys consciousness or get my consciousness removed. That didn't happen. They cheated me out of a fair fight. I was still in the fight. I was on a double leg at him. I was defending the back of my head and still clearly in the fight. I popped right up after he stopped it. What are you doing, Mark? How do you not let that go to this judge's scorecards? There's 30 seconds left in a championship, 25 minute world title fight. I mean, Mark not so God. The best thing about this coronavirus pandemic is Mark not so God has little bitch ass stuck in England and he can't fuck over any other fighters in the UFC. Great. Yeah, I mean, well, look, but now, how are you able to practice what's, I know American Top Team's got some amazing guys. Are you able to get the practice that you need right now? Dude, I'm getting better practices, more one on one individualized practices. You know, we're still working extremely hard and every little weakness area that I ever had before is being turned into strengths and, you know, I'm getting better every day. You haven't seen my peak yet. You know, you've seen me on the way up, but I haven't hit my full potential yet. And I'm still in my prime 32 years young. You haven't seen a last minute or the best in me yet, and the of. So as far as your pressure, which is like insane, how are you able to keep the cardio up right now? Like I said before, you know, I got my steady rotation of ladies that I can work the cardio in the bedroom with. I mean, there is a reason they call me porn star cardio and the cardio king. You know, and you know, we're just putting a lot of aesthetics in the bedroom and I'm trying to tell people that, you know, you're stuck, the pandemic sucks, man. The gyms are closed, but don't use that excuse to not get better. There's ways to get better and up your cardio in the bedroom. I mean, you have a wife, I'm sure you weren't working on it daily. I mean, other people, they might have girlfriends. You know, I mean, I know, I know Marty fake newsman ain't nobody trying to sleep with that dude. That dude's hairline. He lost that ten years ago because he did so much stairways. Yeah, well, I mean, yeah, I hear you, man. I think my wife would probably like you to have talked to her about my stamina, 'cause I could get it up, actually. All right, so the fight's coming close for that. Don't worry. Yeah. I'm not doing it right. I'm getting better..

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