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And a huge stack. Oh, I know him. That's right. Right? That drives the forklift. Drives the form. I see him setting up the atrium on the weekends, getting all the tables out for the food court and everything. I mean, he is. He's a buff guy. He truly is. Yeah, because the man should have muscles and so and a woman should have a heart. Oh, yeah, I agree with you. Wow. Now, people usually when you're in the hospital snake and about in the car, when you finally get to the bedside, are they receptive when you're coming in and saying I've got the truth and you're about to die so you better receive it. Some of the ones they have funky brains where they think that they know me already, which is kind of hilarious. So if I come in they might say, oh, I know you, you're, oh, you're Tommy. I remember you and they're just brains are so bonkers like fried up like pickles like slime. Like totally got rotten and moldy. So with those guys, they get my name wrong. But then I just pretend to be who they say. So sometimes like a little boy that they used to know or their son or something. And then that way, I can use like a kind of a manipulative tactic where I say, yes, it is me from your past, and I'm come to tell you important message, follow Christ or burn. Do you have a lot of friends? Well, that's why I started the club that actually is because I was trying to get friends at school because I only want heaven buddies because otherwise those friendships aren't going to last very long. So I was trying to get Dylan Corbett to know the gospel, but Dylan Corbett was actually the one that told mister Sanborn what I was doing who actually then mister Sanborn said if I want to do that, I have to do it extra cooker in a club..

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