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And Tom Brady has been on a mission. As of late. They have the offensive talent. They're not gonna have the home field that probably means less in a year like this, and it ever has. But Tom Brady and that offense and if the defense can just do do just enough I don't believe in Drew Brees. I don't believe in your breeze. I don't I don't believe in Drew Brees. He has not performed well in the playoffs for a number of years. I believe in Tom Brady. Do I believe in Tom Brady? I didn't think Tom Brady was going to go to Tampa and do what he did. I didn't I thought Tom Brady, based on his performance last year in New England, was 43 years old and looked very much like last year was 42. I thought he looked 42 last year. I did. He was injured here foot issue. He had an elbow issue. But he looked very much like an aging quarterback. That was probably one stop and done, And I thought this year he was gonna be more of a game manager than anything. Oh, man. He's not a game manager. He has not been a game changer. What he's doing at age 43 is like nothing I've ever seen. What? We had this kind of performance out of a quarterback in each 43. I mean, you could get a new older Joe Montana or Steve the burg or guys like that They were in their late thirties that could manage games and then step up when needed in big games. I remember Joe Montana doing that age 38. For the most part five years later, 43 Tom Brady is playing unbelievable. He is so my sleeper for the NFC Box, But I'm gonna take Green Bay's the team that goes to the Super Bowl. But between the box and green Bay that I believe they're the two teams that you will see. 855 to 1 to four, CBS. 85542124227. My Twitter handle is John Marks Media also on Instagram, too. You can reach me there. He can't get in on the phone lines and tell me what you think. Give me a happy New year and spelled J O N And they are K s media, not J. O h n Or M a R X. So it's difficult Every time I give my handle. I have toe hope that people know that that's the way I would spit spell it or they just know or have to explain it. That's a good way to get into as we have Connor Green producing today, Erica Hershkowitz, his own updates and we'll talk to her later on in the show 855 to 1 to four, CBS. Is a way to get in NFC. A F. C. Who's your pick? Who's your sleeper? Who's your fraud? I'm gonna go with the Saints in the NFC for me. I'm gonna go with the state. I don't don't get me wrong. I like the team a lot. I don't like the quarterback. We just talked about Tom Brady 43 years old. He doesn't look 40 three's not playing like he's 43. You're a breeze looks 40 years old. And 11 broken or cracked ribs. That's um that's incredible that he got punished like that and was able to come back. He looks like he's 40 years old. He does. I would say that kind of the fraud that I look at in the NSC are the Saints. Let's start with the man. If l talk 855 to 1 to four, CBS 855 to 1242. To seven will merge into some college talk coming up here. Top of next our raft of the top of next hour. We'll South carpaccio of W g R 5 50. Sports Up in Buffalo, longtime sideline reporter and talk show host in Buffalo. We'll talk about the Bills Mafia. That's your thing with the bells. I love the Bills Mafia. Do great fan group Great Fan base. Alright, Phone calls next 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. It's the Pony Express John marks in for Andrew. We'll start with your phone calls Next. This is CBS Sports Radio..

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