Dr Horton, Facebook, RUA discussed on StarTalk Radio - Cosmic Queries - Climate Change


The facts so we have to deal with people that are uh not factbased but dr horton have you heard about the science march i'm starting to hear i'm not on twitter i'm not on facebook so a little bit busy as you say did you hear that truck he said i'm not on twitter of not on face even stumbled with the names on twitter i spoke actually i'm on twitter i'm not on finan on facebook but anyway point being i think is than on facebook and so there was a reddit conversation which is another one of the electric social media things on the computer machines the kids use and our guys suggested having a science march that would be akin to our march of scientists are scientifically inclined people akin to the women's march to raise awareness of science and you there's the rotter concerned at the environmental protection agency that they've been instructed or this are better than a rumor they've been instructed not to we started guess you do really suppress rua's yeah or uh or report anything more about climate change in the i guess the the model for that is governor scott from florida who thinks by keeping people from using the phrase climate change somehow floor that will not be affected by climate change yet like it's baltimore's or something you can't mention you can't say his name so uh bradley bread do you think that's a good idea having a climate march.

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