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Here, Mike Reiss Andy Lindahl with John Lewis. And Logan the gang has the. Day off, you know we mentioned the. Week off, in fact, Dave Logan. Rick Lewis Kathy Lee dragon redbeard is out. Is out, I mean it's just us and drew and grant trying to hold down the fort and we will try and do so with a variety of folks. This week is it like a preseason game where we've emptied? The bench I think I, think no I think it's more like this spring training game on the back field shore Exactly it's not even a preseason, game because, at least you see. The main guys well maybe a player to. Or series, or to do you though, not so much anymore that's probably true on the third one you do fourth one. No so maybe this is the fourth preseason game the NFL is so and United covered it a long long time I'm amazed at what, is turned into of course we've got you know training camps starting this Saturday out at UCLA training center rookies report tomorrow but the work in earnest gets. Going on Saturday and you can watch the. First workout with us at UCLA, training center and then tune. In at, noon KOA in here Mike rice and. Dave Logan breakdown all that goes. On that, first day camp it's funny. Mike is, you and, I we. Get paid to try to offer, opinions to. People as, to what's going on and I really feel for you after those games during the preseason because it takes me a day to rewatch it just to. Figure out I feel because we're not even we're never even? Seen the regular guys and, we used to be able to hang our hats and watching some real contact Quote real football the first couple of weeks and. Now we don't really see that everything's. Just a drill it feels like we're watching the same drill over and over again with very little contact and, I, don't know how you really evaluate who's a good football player, and who isn't when. They're not tackling I think it's harder. And I also think? When. It comes to the offense of line we've. Seen the offensive line play in many cases for many, teams go. Down through the course of the regular, season and, I think, because the, CBA has, changed the way teams can work out we're talking some Broncos. We had insider Mike Klis on a little earlier, he I like the term Mike used hopeful news for linebacker Shane Ray who is going to avoid a fourth wrist surgery, that could, mean that he's back. Sooner than later we shall see how it. Works out, but that interview with Mike, is up on the website just go to the Lewis and Logan page at KOA. NewsRadio dot com got a couple of other cool things up there Tim tebow by the way likely out for the rest of the year, with a broken bone in his hand he was having a really good season at AA he was a double a all star and if we have time At. Some point during the show we may touch on. It but the video is, up there for you to check out where the guy at Wrigley field basically takes a ball. That was meant for now there are some other. Details to the story we won't get. Into it now but check it out on the Lewis. And Logan page it's a lot of fun three zero, three seven one. Three eight five eight five we're talking also music, with def Leppard and journey in town at Coors field over the weekend what artists either let..

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