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The life of the black man whose death in police custody on Memorial Day has led to more than a week of protests across the country NPR's Adrian Florido was at the ceremony and he joins me now hello hi Sarah Nigerian I understand you're there at the chapel describe what you sing for us right the memorial for George fight is underway as we speak George played casket gold casket is a different the chapel and he's being eulogized from a white lectern that was designed after the one that Dr Martin Luther king used to deliver his I have a dream speech a judge with family family is here members of Congress Minnesota officials leaders we just heard from the Reverend al Sharpton let's hear a little bit of CO two get your **** George George we keep changing we keep we and just after that fiery speech there there was a very emotional everyone went silent for eight minutes which is about the amount of time to shop and had his neck wonderful its neck I'm sorry he has me on for a second Adrian and clearly this is an impassioned event a political event in many ways but it's also a memorial have there been some more personal there have been in your it well the speech is here our continuing the calls for justice for George Floyd in for all black Americans a goal of this memorials to kind of take a step back from this global outcry that Floyd killing is set up to remember the joyful and may be a simple now but he is also a man son brother so I'd like you to listen to what his brother aloneness said when he took the lectern.

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