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Free agency to return later this season two the hurricanes or another team. I don't think i need to read on steve. I love the guy great guy but isn't that had a bit of a we have a little asterix steve beside beside. I'm stepping away from the game here when i can. I can sign anywhere steve. Is that what the deal is. Yeah i think <hes> he's just obviously an he's. He's a standard u._f._a. And carolina hasn't signed him and he hasn't decided decided to resign there and i doubt it thirty seventies real anxious to pick up his family and move again. He's he's moved around quite a bit n._h._l. Career and <hes>. I'm not sure what the euro the true impetus is for this but i do think it's awfully aggressive to take time off when you're you're this kind of late in the game but it's possible symbol that he's really got that kind of scott niedermayer thing thing happening 'cause neater. Mar did do that late in his career where he basically took the first half of the season often i said yeah i'm feeling the i'm feeling it again. You know your your age thirty seventy not real jackie about going through another training camp and a long season but you know what come playoff time the bug will hit you and so it wouldn't shock me if he's back but if he's really thinking about taking a full year off i think he's done and we saw it over and over again. After the last lockout how many thirty five year olds after the lockout had to retire because they wiped out an entire season five and so many guys if you go back and look walk. You'll see so many guys in the mid thirties that just didn't continue. They just called it a day. It's a lot to ask for a guy his age to take a full year off and then get right back in the grind yeah one hand. He's played twelve hundred games or something like that right on one hand. It's not that big a story right. It's like okay. You're you're thirty seven so you're hanging up here anytime right sure. It's going to it's going to happen but i can't think that andrew luck didn't have some sort of influence on this thing. It comes comes on the heels of the andrew. Luck deal where people were taken aback by this guy stepping away at a what they thought was to earlier or certainly anticipated that he would <hes> got tons of dole. Oh there was lots of money be made albeit. The team gave them a bunch of money <hes> that they otherwise maybe didn't have to <hes> but the the guts of that story it was. I don't feel like planet anymore. I've had enough you know i am. Most of that was about injury. I think right where where he said i i wanna i wanna live my life. I guess without without the risk of injury yeah <hes> other justin williams has had nearly that kind of history of injuries. He's been in relatively healthy through his career. He said you've been dinged up but if you look at his last up let's see your six seasons. He's played eighty games or more in the last six years so that's been a pretty damn healthy wealthy guy and actually you know what i'm going to go go to eight years because <hes> in the lockout year he played all forty eight games and the year before that all eighty two games so that's been a very healthy the hockey player and so maybe it as thirty seven. That's a good point..

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