CBO, Obamacare, Health Insurance discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Be cancelled and yet the cbo is out there screeching it twenty two million people will lose their elder giorno we can do that that horrible that inhumane that nocombat no no it was civilised cbo guessing that if people didn't have to buy it they wouldn't which may make sense how many people have bought this rigmarole simple because the law requires them to how many people have actually engaged in this and gone and petered around inside one of these exchanges to come up with obamacare puddles because they had two so the idea that real removing the mandate requiring them to buy it is a good thing it is a re installation if you will of the degree of liberty and freedom we had before obamacare before obamacare yet didn't have the habit everybody wanted it but you didn't have to go buy it no matter what it costs you didn't have to buy it so the cbo says twenty two million people will lose their health insurance water gross miss statement of what would actually happen and of course with the absence of critical thinking being taught nobody concluded here the correct thing by the way that's enough to wild guess number the cbo just assumed that people would lose i ate at the wrong word cbo just assume people would cancel their policies if they didn't have.

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